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What and how to exercise with an exercise rubber band?

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Exercise bands are one of the most versatile pieces of exercise equipment. Want to know how and what you can exercise with their help? Use our guide!

Exercise bands are great not only for the gym, but also at home. This equipment is not only versatile, but also easy to store. Resistance bands have different levels of resistance, so everyone can easily find one to suit their preferences.

Chest exercises

This is one of the most traditional exercises that you can vary with the help of an exercise band. Place the band across your upper back in a plank position. Grab both ends of the elastic with your fingers and position your arms so that your body and head are directly against the floor. Your lower back should be straight, your butt pulled in, and your chest against the floor. Perform a push-up with your arms as far apart as possible.

Standing Push-Up
Attach an exercise rubber band to a support at chest level. Grasp the handles while standing with your back to the support. Take a step forward and lift the handles of the elastic to chest height. Bend your elbows slightly and point your palms downward, squeezing the band straight out in front of you. At the same time, extend your arms as far as you can.

Bench Press
Place the band under the bench press and lie on your back on it. Grab the handles of the band with both hands and place them at shoulder level so that your thumbs are touching your shoulders. Pull your arms forward and try to extend them completely. If you don’t have a bench, you can simply use your shoulders and back to hold the band.

Lower body exercises

Leg stretches
Attach the tape to a support and wrap the other end around your ankles. Move away from the support so that the tape is taut and your legs are shoulder-width apart. Shift your weight to the right leg and lift the left leg, then straighten the knee until it is completely straight in front of you. Change legs after a few repetitions.

Leg extension
Put the tape at the height of your ankles (the best for this is a loop tape). Lift your leg off the floor and pull it to the side so that the tape is under tension. Slowly return your leg to the starting position, but keep it in the air all the time. Remember to keep your glutes tight at all times.

Shoulder and arm exercises

“Rowing” upward
Stand with your feet positioned in the middle of the exercise rubber band and shoulder-width apart. Grasp the handles of the band with your palms facing each other and raise your arms high. Pull the band to shoulder height, keeping your elbows bent in a “V”.

Overhead press
Stand in the middle of the band with your feet shoulder-width apart. Grasp the handles and position your arms at shoulder height, pointing your palms so your thumbs touch your shoulders. Extend your arms straight up, and rotate your palms forward according to how completely you spread your arms.

Inward Twist
Assume a stride position, placing your right leg in front. Place the band under your right foot. Rest your elbow against your knee and grasp the remainder of the band. Turn your palms outward toward your knees and pull the tape toward your shoulder, tensing your biceps as much as possible.

Back exercises

Pulling the rubber band sideways
Stand so that your feet are at shoulder width. Bend your knees slightly and grab the middle part of the elastic with both hands (at shoulder height) with your palms facing each other. With your straight arms, pull the elastic alternately forward and backward.

“Rowing” while seated
Sit down and grab the ends of the exercise rubber band. Gently bend your legs at the knees and lock the tape against the soles of your feet. Draw the ends of the tape to the sides of your abdomen.

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