TOP 10 apps for physically active people

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Fitnessapps help with fitness training, home workouts, but not only that. Many of them also have the option to pair with a smartwatch!

Would you like to start your adventure with sports but do not know where to begin? Or maybe you just need some guidance and direction at the very beginning? Choose one of the ten apps below. In this list you will find not only solutions for the beginners, but also something for the more advanced. You can easily find an app that meets all your needs! We invite you to check our TOP10!


Simple and clear application for your phone to exercise both in the gym and at home. Its database includes thousands of exercises for each muscle part. What is important, even if you have never used this kind of programmes before, you will not have any technical problems with GymRun. You just have to choose the activity you are interested in, enter the number of repetitions and the weight, and the application will register everything for you. In addition, it will start a countdown and end it with an appropriate signal. Data from GymRun can be synchronized with Google Fit or Samsung S Health.


It is a perfect choice especially for all keen cyclists. This application is a base of cycling routes. What is interesting, there are already over 50 thousand of them and new ones are still appearing. Many of the routes are located in Poland and Slovakia, and there is no shortage of more demanding challenges, as evidenced by the road leading through the … Alps! The mountain routes are available on the map in the form of video and photos. In addition, you can read the opinions of other users of the application about the route. So you can find out everything you need to know before you travel!

Runtastic Running & Fitness

Another app in the series for runners and cyclists. It works very similarly to Endomondo. It records your heart rate, speed, intensity, distance, as well as terrain elevation and calories burned. You can share the data of your recent activity on the app or on social media. The undoubted advantage of Runtastic is the built-in music player, which will make the time during activity more pleasant. If you can’t imagine your workout without your favorite tunes then here that problem is solved right from the start. Couldn’t bring your smartphone with an app to your workout? Then nothing prevents you from typing it in manually.


A Polish app that we can be really proud of, because it collects great ratings in the Play store. When we look at the range of possibilities it offers, its growing popularity is certainly no accident. The application offers access to a large database of exercises at three levels of difficulty: easy, medium and difficult. Both beginners and more experienced athletes can easily download it. Each exercise is displayed in the form of a video with a professional trainer. This will help you to get the optimal technique for the activity. For a comfortable workout at home, you can send the video from the app to your TV. In a given workout, you can focus on your legs or abdomen or choose one of the ready-made sets of exercises.


This is a solution that allows you to track the calories you consume throughout the day, making it great for weight loss. The Fitatu calorie calculator has a huge database of products with corresponding measurements. For example, you can enter how many grams or teaspoons of peanut butter you ate for breakfast. The app counts macro and micronutrients. In addition, the manufacturers have made it easier to add consumed products – just scan the barcode from the packaging instead of typing everything in manually.

miCoach Multi Sport

The application monitors the body of athletes practicing various sports disciplines. The program uses built-in sensors and GPS module, thanks to which it tracks the route and speed of movement. However, the real fun starts when you pair the application with external SPEED_CELL and X_CELL modules. After this change, the app even measures data such as the speed of steps taken or the efficiency of changing direction and the number of kicks or bounces in a given football game!

My Routes

A very accurate and robust app from the makers of Android, namely Google. It records the route you have taken while running, the distance you have covered and the speed at which you have moved. All thanks to the built-in GPS module. The application monitors the data in real time, but at the same time allows you to add notes to your workouts. Importantly, it is compatible with all Android Gear smartwatches, so owners can download My Routes!

Women’s Fitness

A solution prepared especially for ladies who want to take care of their line a bit. Simple to use, clear and effective, the Women’s Fitness application will not only help you get in shape, but also lose a few kilos! All you have to do is choose the part of the body you want to exercise today and here we go! Exercises are displayed in the form of animation, which allows you to get the right technique. Repetitions or time are counted down, so women can fully concentrate on their exercises.

Google Fit

An application that, as the name obliges, synchronizes perfectly with your Google account. It downloads data from smartwatches or wristbands with a heart rate monitor and records everything in your account. The producers have also thought about an incentive system – in the application you earn special cardio points for activities that speed up your heart rate. Google Fit also records minutes of movement and number of steps taken.

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