Training myths that limit your progress

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Common societal thinking can often affect the way you view regular exercise. Find out which claims miss the truth and don’t let workout myths affect your performance!

Only cardio exercise reduces weight

While it’s true that cardio training helps you burn fat quickly, it’s not the only way to reduce weight. Cardio exercises alone, even when done regularly, do not produce as much visible results in a short period of time. The myth of the exclusive effectiveness of this type of exercise stems from the fact that intense cardio increases the heart rate and is very tiring for the body. However, in order to achieve full development, strengthen and build quality muscle tissue, as well as lose weight effectively, you should include strength training exercises in your workout plan.

Bellies are the perfect way to get a flat stomach

Another training myth is the belief that regular abdominals translate into perfectly sculpted abdominal muscles. The fact is that the tissue under the influence of this type of exercise strengthens and thickens, but the fat layer does not burn. Strength training, of which abdominals are a part, does not lead to a change in body shape, but only accelerates the construction of muscles and increases their strength. Perfectly flat abdomen can be achieved through interval training, cardio, swimming, cycling or, above all, a healthy, balanced diet that will reduce body fat. However, overuse of this muscle region leads to abnormal distribution of muscle tension and can lead to back pain.

Increased load increases muscle mass

Athletes who are physically active at the amateur level are discouraged from strength training because of excessive muscle growth. The fear is of gaining too much muscle mass, resulting in a bodybuilding appearance. This kind of thinking is wrong. Bodybuilders build their physique for years, and not only strength training contributes to it, but also a high-protein diet, proper supplementation, and exploitation of muscles in a specific way. Strength training is for everyone and it doesn’t always have to mean significant weight gain, but only body shaping and improving muscle strength. You can increase the load systematically and under the supervision of a professional trainer, who will surely advise you how to exercise in order not to achieve undesired results.

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Published by Dr. Z Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Exercise machines are better than dumbbells

Indeed, the professional sports equipment found at the gym is much more beneficial for beginner athletes. Exercising on a machine allows the body to get used to a new type of effort and new movements, but it is not the most effective way to accomplish strength training. Specialized equipment allows you to exercise specific parts of the body at one time, which can lead to muscle tension disorders within the stabilizing muscles. A more beneficial method is multi-station exercises using free weights, such as dumbbells. This type of training allows you to develop all the muscles involved evenly and supports the tissues responsible for stabilizing the body.

Stretching reduces the risk of injury

While taking the time to stretch your muscles before training is a good habit, it does not protect you from potential injury. Athletes use stretching exercises as a form of warm-up to properly prepare muscles for work, to stimulate them and get them moving before exercise. Stretching is also used after training to accelerate the body’s recovery processes.

There is no scientific evidence to show the positive effects of stretching on reducing the risk of injury during exercise. Injuries to joints, bones, or muscles noted during physical activity are usually the result of incorrect body positioning, too much force acting on the muscles or joints, or a simple random accident. Even the most effective stretching has no effect on the risk of injury during a workout.

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