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SPA is a place of renewal, which is visited by more and more people. The opportunity to relax and enjoy effective treatments is the goal of many vacation trips in our country. Although visits to SPAs used to be limited to beauty salons, nowadays it is much more common to go to hotels designed for this purpose. What treatments are the best?

Before visiting the SPA – what do you need to know?

It is a good idea to come a little bit earlier to the scheduled treatments in SPA. A lot depends on what we are going to use. In the case of a massage, it is better to arrive even 20 minutes in advance, so that you have time to prepare. In addition, we need to have a moment to fill out questionnaires, give information about the state of your health and ask questions if we have any. However, being late may result in shortening our treatment, because there are other people scheduled for the next hour. We should enter the SPA in a bathrobe and flip-flops. Modern hotels equip practically all rooms with these necessary accessories. Customers who come from outside, however, must have them with them and change in a specially designated changing room.

It is not recommended to use the SPA after a heavy meal or consumption of alcohol. This applies to the treatment and wet areas. You should also refrain from tanning, visiting the solarium and using perfume. However, it is recommended to drink plenty of water, which will nourish and hydrate the skin before treatments. We should use swimming pools and Jacuzzi only in swimsuits, and before that we must remember to take a shower. Guests of some spa hotels may be provided with disposable underwear.

If we notice any problems with our health or if we suffer from any ailments, we should inform the staff about it. Some treatments have specific health contraindications, and some are associated with specific diseases.

SPA is a place where guests want to relax and calm down, so keeping silence is very important. Adherence to hygiene principles is constantly monitored so that the services provided can be described as top quality. If you go to the resort with children, remember that their cheerful laughter is not always associated with the approval of other hotel guests.

What spa treatments are worth using?

Massages are the basic treatment that is performed in a SPA. Currently, you can take advantage of services that focus on:

– hands,
– head,
– face,
– feet.

A full body massage is not only extremely relaxing, but it also increases the amount of oxygen in the blood that reaches all the cells of the body. This translates to better functioning and stress relief. Depending on the type of massage you choose, it can be relaxing or therapeutic. However, much depends on the offer of the center, because not everyone has to have in their ranks a specialist in rehabilitation.

An important place in the SPA is the sauna. At first sight, a visit to it may seem like a torment, because the temperature and air humidity are not necessarily pleasant. The choice of customers are usually two types of saunas – dry and wet. The former has a great effect on accelerating the heart rate and improving metabolism, and allows you to get rid of toxins from the body. Milk baths are not very popular in our country, but it should be noted that also such services are in the offers of centers. Facial treatments are mainly gentle massages that improve circulation, as well as microdermabrasion, cavitation and chemical peeling, cleansing and treatments using mandelic or glycolic acid. A frequently recommended spa treatment is also hair care. However, it is not about cutting, but rather masks that nourish and improve the condition of hair.

Treatments in SPA salons

Each of us dreams of a moment of relaxation. It is good if this moment will also allow us to take care of our skin…

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