Group classes at the gym – why is it worth it?

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Regular physical activity is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. Movement improves our mental condition – but also our physical condition. Nowadays practically all fitness clubs and gyms offer group classes for people of different ages and at different levels. What do group classes at the gym look like and why should you use them?

  • Fitness classes – learning body awareness
  • Group classes – getting more motivated and having fun
  • Salsation – combining different dance styles

Fitness classes – learning body awareness

Beginners often don’t know how, how often or for how long to exercise. This requires a certain awareness of the body and knowledge of its capabilities and limitations. For this reason, it is easy to get discouraged at the beginning: we exercise too little and do not see results – or we exercise too much and risk injury. When exercising in a group, under the supervision of an instructor, we learn how to properly perform the exercises and how to create a training plan. Thanks to this we can be sure that the effects of our efforts will appear quickly!

Group classes – more motivation and fun

Finding the motivation to train can be difficult. We often give up when we get to a class because we don’t feel like pushing ourselves to do more. Group training generally eliminates this problem. Seeing others persevere and overcome their limitations will prevent us from quitting. Observing other people’s progress is also a great source of motivation for further effort. Group classes are a good opportunity to meet new people, as well as a way to exercise together with a friend, mom or sister

Salsation – a combination of different dance styles

Any movement is good for your body! We don’t have to run, lift weights or opt for aerobics. In recent years such classes as Salsation – which is a combination of different dance styles – have become popular. This kind of training includes elements of functional training – we can experience the joy of dance and exercise at the same time! Each choreography is a new way of interpreting music and an opportunity to show your emotions

Physical activity is essential if we want to stay in shape and feel good every day. Group classes at the gym are very varied: you can find there strength training, dancing, stretching or combining different activities (for example Summer Body training). It’s worth taking part in them – it’s a great way to start your adventure with fitness

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