Can diabetes be cured?

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More and more people are getting sick with diabetes every year. Becoming known as a disease of civilization, it wreaks havoc also among children and adolescents. According to WHO, it is considered an epidemic of the XXI century. Extremely difficult to detect, affecting our daily life, and even directly threatening life. How to live with diabetes? Is it possible to cure it?

Diabetes – what is it?

Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease in which, due to a malfunctioning pancreas, the amount of insulin is insufficient or not properly processed by human body cells. Such a disorder is very often the cause of, among other things

  • fatigue,
  • weakness,
  • increased thirst,
  • excessive appetite,
  • weight loss.

Treatment of diabetes

The treatment of this disease is very important and requires constant discipline. It should be carefully planned and coordinated by the attending physician. It is extremely important to be accurate in taking medications and skillfully dosing them, as well as changing eating habits that will adequately support the treatment of diabetes.

Treatment should also begin with educating the patient, who must learn to self-adjust his or her medications according to many overlapping factors.

Diabetes treatments – the differences

Treatment of diabetes can vary widely depending on the type of diabetes. For example, type 1 diabetes is usually treated with insulin therapy. A well-balanced diet is also an essential part of treatment. The patient should eat meals at regular times and of similar caloric content, and maintain the proper proportions of nutrients.

When treating type 2 diabetes , lifestyle changes, the introduction of healthy eating habits, and the introduction of daily physical activity are key during treatment. As with type 1 diabetes, regular and balanced meals are extremely important. Sometimes it may be necessary to take oral medications or even implement insulin treatment.

Prevention is the most important!

In case of a medical condition such as diabetesit is a disease that prevention is better than cure. Since it is incurable, it is worth making every effort to avoid the risk of getting the disease:

  1. Making sure you eat balanced meals that provide the right amount of nutrients. With efficient energy management, we can protect our body from getting sick.
  2. Regular participation in sports, and even minimal physical activity such as walking can have a significant positive impact on the proper functioning of the body.
  3. Taking care of preventive examinations, including blood tests, will help to effectively control glycemia levels and enjoy health for longer.

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