Frostbite and hypothermia – how to avoid them?

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The negative effects of low temperatures can be dangerous for the body not only in very severe frosts, but also when the thermometer shows a few degrees below zero.

The risk of hypothermia is greatest not at extremely low temperatures, but also when going out in inappropriate clothing. When going out for a walk of a few dozen minutes in winter, remember to prepare properly and choose the right clothing. It is very easy to protect oneself from getting cold or frostbite, but not everyone pays attention to it. Winter bravado can lead to serious damage to the skin and body, so it is worth knowing how to effectively protect yourself from unnecessary ailments.

How to recognize the symptoms of frostbite and hypothermia?

The first sign that the cold has a strong effect on the body is the feeling of shivering. This feeling should be a signal to find a warmer place to stay or wear an extra layer of clothing. Shivering will be followed by muscle cramps, dizziness, disorientation and weakness. These symptoms should be noticed immediately, which also increases the response time to find more friendly conditions. In the case of frostbitten skin, it is important to quickly assess how severe the frostbite may be. If frozen skin responds to heat with severe pain or muscle cramping, it is a sign that frostbite has not yet occurred. If you do not feel any discomfort when the body is heated or warm water is poured over a part of your body, you should assume that your skin has been frostbitten.

Hypothermia most commonly occurs when:
?fall into cold water
an avalanche buries you
you are exposed to cold water for a long period of time….

Published by Respect the Rescuer Wednesday, February 24, 2021

If you have a cold or frostbite, it is usually the result of irresponsibility and lack of imagination, so before you leave home, check the weather conditions outside and prepare accordingly. Strong winds also increase the feeling of cold. There are several simple ways to protect yourself from hypothermia and frostbite.

Wearing the right outfit

Winter clothing should consist of several layers which will protect the body against cold and retain heat while evaporating sweat. Moisture generated by sweating is one of the causes of hypothermia and feeling cold. The best solution would be thermal underwear or clothing dedicated to the winter season.

An equally key piece of clothing is a hat to protect the head. The skin located on the head is highly innervated, making it an ideal route for heat loss. An additional aspect of proper winter hiking attire is thick socks. Winter boots should be chosen in a slightly larger size than traditional footwear, but should also have a wider toe box so that a foot with a thick sock can fit comfortably.

Protective cream

Before heading out into the cold air, it’s a good idea to protect your facial skin from the chill. The ideal way to create a protective layer of skin is a special cream that supports the condition of skin subjected to frost. Women who apply makeup should pay attention to the density of the preparation and the way of application, so that the cream is applied under or over the layer of beauty cosmetics.


The simplest and most obvious way to stay warm while out in the cold is to move. Just walking, not high jumps, movements of the hands and toes are enough to maintain an adequate body temperature. A short warm-up before just going outside can be just as helpful. The most harmful possibility is to stay in the cold in stillness. This causes the body to cool down faster, making it more likely that the body will get cold.

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