Stopwatch – is it still so popular in sports?

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Keeping fit is becoming more and more popular every year. This is a very well-received trend, as it is clear in scientific studies that the population is increasingly overweight and more prone to being overweight and even obese. To make daily activities easier, many devices are being developed to measure achievements. Electronic stopwatch is the simplest and most popular of accessories among runners.

Electronic stopwatch – what to use it for?

In sports, especially professional sports, the time of training, for example, running is extremely important. It is on this time that the performance of individuals and the possibilities during the competition depend. With the help of a stopwatch you can measure with great accuracy the time you have spent performing a given training unit. A clock is a much less precise tool, because its accuracy is measured every second. However, a good quality electronic stopwatch equipped with the right tools can measure time to hundredths of a second

These accessories are used during numerous tournaments and competitions where time counts. It is with a stopwatch that people stand at the finish line, waiting for competitors covering appropriate distances by bike, running or in water. It is a very easy to use device. Just start the timer at the right moment and press the stop button at the finish line to get a reliable result with high accuracy. It is assumed that during training the stopwatch should be operated by someone other than the athlete himself. The athlete should focus on his task, which is to cover the assumed distance in the right time

Stopwatch vs. pedometer – differences

It happens that a pedometer is used instead of a stopwatch during running. It can estimate with high accuracy the number of steps taken during the training unit. This equipment should be carried with you because it is the only way it can estimate the number of steps. When starting, all you have to do is click start and when you are done with the workout, click stop. In this way, you can get information about the number of steps taken and even about the length of the route, if the equipment is equipped with such a counter. It may also happen that you have a 2-in-1 device, in which case the pedometer is combined with a stopwatch. This way you can get full information about your workout

The differences between a stopwatch and a pedometer are significant. The former is designed to count the time it took us to complete a given training unit. It may have a main menu where we can also choose a timer to set the time we need. The pedometer, on the other hand, measures the distance traveled and the number of steps, without measuring time, unless the device’s specification states otherwise

Smartband – combining multiple device categories into one

A smartband is a watch with a built-in stopwatch, pedometer and numerous other accessories. It has a main menu where we can choose which of the available tools we are currently interested in. Sometimes a smartband is a phone closed in a watch. It can give the ability to make calls, receive them, and even read messages. At the same time, the built-in stopwatch function, combined with numerous sensors, allows you to easily monitor the course of your workout. In this way, you can check your achievements on your own, without the need for another person to operate the stopwatch or timer.

The main menu in smartband watches serves as a better orientation for navigating the device. You can easily check the clock, turn on the timer or use the stopwatch. In this way, one device replaces many others that have been in use so far. Research estimates the direction in which the technological progress related to accessories necessary during workouts is heading. Predictions indicate that there will be a trend related to minimizing the amount of equipment needed. Smartband watches will perform more and more functions. It is already observed that such a watch can easily read our heart rate, blood pressure, indicate the number of calories burned during training and even estimate when we were in the deep sleep phase and when in the REM phase. All these parameters are extremely important for people who train competitively or professionally. Until now they had to use many individual devices to fully control their progress. Nowadays, a single device is enough, which successfully replaces many others

Technological progress is visible in all areas of life. Also when it comes to sports, the accessories used to practice sports are becoming more and more advanced. Starting with a stopwatch, then moving on to a pedometer and ending with a smartband watch. Each of these devices is another step in the development of technology that promotes monitoring the quality of workouts. This way, with just one device, you can easily check your strides, noting them regularly and using the data from the watch.

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