What is soccer ?

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Soccer is a sport that is very often played as a hobby. We usually hear that the sport is for boys or men. However, the world is changing. In the current world, there are more and more sports clubs that also have activities aimed at girls, and then already mature women. This sex is becoming more and more present on television every year, in the form of football tournaments, where only the female sex is present.

What kind of pitch…

To play soccer is intended field in the shape of a rectangle, covered with grass, otherwise known as turf. The width of the field is from 45 to 90 meters, while its length should be from 90 to 120 meters.

Of course, everyone knows from the media and elsewhere that the pitch is equipped with lines, which are white in color. Of course, each has its own name and meaning. For example, the two shortest lines are the end lines. The lines between the goal posts are called the goal lines. The longest lines are called side lines. These are just a few…


There are two goals on the playground. One goal belongs to one team. The edge of the goalposts is 7.32 m, while the edge of the bottom crossbar from the ground is 2.44 m.


A ball is necessary for this sport. A round ball. Its circumference should not be less than 68 cm and not more than 70 cm. The weight of such a ball should not exceed either 410 g downwards or 450 g upwards. The air pressure in the ball is also important. The comfort of the game depends on it. It should be between 0.6 and 1.1 atmospheres.

Soccer players

There are 11 players from each team on the field along with a football player. Two teams can compete against each other at the same time. The soccer players compete to put as many goals, or balls in the goal, on their opponents as possible. The football players on the field have their own names and functions. In addition, each team can have up to 7 substitute players in case of injuries and accidents.

Club uniforms

Each team has its own club uniform with the name of the player and a unique number. Only goalkeepers are dressed differently. The goalkeeper uniforms are different.

In addition to the jersey and shorts, an ordinary football player should have football gaiters and boots. Under the gaiters, football players have shin guards to protect their knees from injuries. The boots are called stoppers.


The most common are printed goalkeeper outfits. With the logo of your own team or even a sponsor.

Goalkeeper clothing is characterized by the fact that it has goalkeeper outfits equipped with protectors of all kinds. These include gloves, which are to protect the wrists of the defender. Additionally, such a person has special compression bands for knees. The shorts that are the goalkeeper’s outfit should include briefs that protect the intimate area. The shirt, however, should not restrict the movements of the defender. Very good quality goalkeeper clothes can be found on the website: https://futbolsport.pl/bramkarstwo/odziez. You will find there goalkeeper sets at a convenient price, and most importantly good quality. These are, of course, original goalkeeper clothes, including well-known brands around the world.

Finally, a bit about penalties

These penalties include the yellow and red card. The yellow is a warning, but the red is the elimination of the player from the game for a while from football tournaments. The team then has to choose a substitute.

Main photo: Thomas SererHire/unsplash.com

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