Exercise rubber band – which band to choose for training?

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Using sports accessories for workouts allows you to diversify your exercises. They can be used both by professional athletes and amateurs who are at the beginning of an active life path.

Exercise bands – what are they?

You may be surprised – seemingly a piece of ordinary (seemingly) rubber, and allows in an interesting way to diversify training. Exercise bands are commonly used at gyms and during home physical activities. Do you want to improve your condition? Or maybe you care about strengthening your muscles and carefully sculpting your figure? The variety of training rubber models available on the market allow both amateurs and professionals to choose the right model. Regardless of whether you are a fan of active cardio training or you attach more importance to strength training – with exercise bands you will increase the range of your possibilities.

Looking at exercise bands, many people see nothing unusual in them. Cheap, inconspicuous bands. You don’t even really know how to use them. However, exercises with exercise bands are very simple and can significantly increase the effectiveness of a workout unit. With their help you can train most parts of your muscles. You can easily find them in sports stores – both stationary and online.

You might be wondering what makes more and more people eager to use these workout accessories? Here are some of its advantages:

– they are cheap,
– they add variety to your workout,
– strengthen muscles,
– they are used during rehabilitation.
– They are universal – they are useful both in fitness training and during strength exercises.

It is worth knowing that particular models of training rubbers differ in resistance. If physical activity has not been your strong point so far, choose rubber bands with low resistance at the beginning. If you set the bar too high, not only will you quickly get discouraged from regular training, but you may also get injured. Always start with the easiest exercises. As time goes on, you’ll realize how your fitness is progressing and you’ll start reaching for the rubber bands, which provide more resistance and allow for a more advanced workout. Also, don’t forget to warm up before exercising!

Different types of exercise bands

One glance at exercise bands is enough to realize that there are bands available on the shelves of stores (or at the gym) with extremely different colors. This allows you to distinguish the different models from each other. You have to remember that manufacturers label the difficulty scale differently. Some have chosen black as the color indicating the rubber with the highest resistance, while others have chosen purple. Unfortunately, this is not the case with the marking of ski runs, where the color scheme for difficulty has been standardized.

So how to know the resistance of the tape? The best way is to take the tape in your hand and try to stretch it. When choosing a rubber band, the thicker and wider it is, the more resistance it will have. Conversely, thinner and narrower bands will be easier to stretch. It is the bands with such properties that should be chosen by beginners.

Exercise bands – a universal workout for every sport enthusiast

Who can exercise with exercise bands? The answer to this question is surprisingly simple – everyone! Regardless of whether you are a professional athlete or you undertake physical activity sporadically, rubbers will be a great variety of training. Do you like running or maybe you are a cycling enthusiast? Do you love silhouette sports, or maybe you regularly go to soccer matches with your mates? In each case including a session with the use of bands in your training plan will bring many benefits. You will strengthen selected parts of your muscles with them. When buying exercise bands, pay attention to the quality of their manufacture. Latex bands are good quality – although slightly more expensive, they can withstand many workouts and won’t break too quickly. Also check its resistance. That way you’ll know if you can exercise with them comfortably!

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