What to add to water to make it healthier and tastier?

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Are you bored with plain water? Then add to it ingredients that will make it not only refreshing but also much healthier!

What to add to water?

Water can be kept not only in a glass but also in a large mug or pitcher to make it last longer. It is worth adding to such larger containers:

honey and lemon – this already iconic combination is a rich source of vitamin C. Just the juice of half a lemon and a teaspoon of honey and chill in the refrigerator overnight;

herbs – mint and basil are probably the two most common additives to water in restaurants. No wonder, since they have a stimulating effect and taste delicious in the famous (non-alcoholic) mojito;

fruits – seasonal fruits are of course the best (strawberries, blueberries, grapes). Such fruits can be frozen in ice cubes (just pour them with water and put in a form to the freezer for a few hours) and you will get a fantastic taste, aroma and properties. The same, but more unconventional, way can be used for dried tea;

grapefruit – this fruit is a real mine of vitamins A and C and antioxidants;

lemon and cucumber – a classic combination, which gives a fresh taste and aroma and also supports the removal of toxins from the body;

ginger, honey and lemon – a less obvious combination which is a “torpedo of health”. To warm (but not hot) boiled water, simply add these ingredients and mix;

cayenne pepper – just right for spicy lovers! Pepper stimulates, improves metabolism and contains a considerable amount of antioxidants;

– aloevera – aloe vera water is a natural protection of the digestive tract. An ideal alternative for those with digestive problems.

Five non-obvious benefits of drinking water

Water makes up about 60% of the human body. Your body uses it for almost every process that occurs in the body. Water also has a number of non-trivial, rarely mentioned benefits and advantages.

Water for fatigue – A glass of cold water can easily be a healthy substitute for coffee. It does not leach magnesium, but instead effectively hydrates and refreshes the body. It only takes a little dehydration for you to start losing concentration.

Water for pain – reaching for headache pills is the norm nowadays. But the question is: Is it right? Painkillers should be used mainly in cases of sudden, worsening pain. If there is such a possibility, we should decide on water, which significantly reduces the intensity of pain. Our body will be grateful for it.

Water for constipation – constipation is a problem of most people. Water assists the peristaltic movement of the intestines in removing toxins from the body.

Water as a drink – contrary to popular belief, it is not sweetened drinks, fizzy drinks or juices that you should reach for when you party. The best option is plain water, which not only acts as a counterbalance to the dehydrating effect of alcohol, but also greatly reduces the possibility of a morning hangover.

Water for skin – proper hydration is also good for our skin. If you’re starting to develop problems with facial impurities (acne, for example), it’s worth considering whether it’s better to give up popular sodas in favor of water.

As you can see, drinking water is important for both macro- and micronutrients. We need it to live, to keep our minds sober, to have a healthy body and to maintain a clear and smooth complexion. However, drinking the same thing over and over again is not that much fun. This, however, is trivially easy to change. All it takes is a few ingredients that you probably have at home to give your water a distinct, unique flavor.

? Health benefits of regular water drinking
? boosts metabolism and fat burning
? improves fitness…

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