Why is morning training so important? We answer!

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As many athletes as many opinions on whether it is better to exercise in the morning or in the evening. What are the arguments for starting the day with exercise? 

Energy for the whole day 

Physical activity is not only a great way to wake up, but also a proven method to provide the body with endorphins. Happiness hormones come in handy especially in the morning, when we are just entering a new day. Sport first thing in the morning also helps you relax and catch your concentration for the activities done throughout the day. What’s more, the body has more strength in the morning after a long rest than in the evening, when fatigue and stress from a full day’s work come to the fore. 

Regulating the biological clock 

A structured daily schedule helps the body properly manage its energy throughout the day. Although getting up in the morning can be difficult at first, after a few workouts your body should get used to it. The body’s biological clock makes it easier to function from morning to evening. As a result, we wake up without the help of an alarm clock when the body is regenerated and fall asleep more easily at the same time, so we provide the body with the right amount of sleep. 

Better metabolism

Another advantage of morning workouts is the regulation of the digestive system. Starting in the morning, the body’s metabolism is much better on an empty stomach, which, combined with a balanced diet and exercise, helps burn more calories and reduce weight faster. In the afternoons or evenings, the digestive system is additionally burdened with work and meals from the day, so exercise can be a bit more difficult and the effects less visible. 

Exercise in an intimate environment 

When deciding to exercise at the beginning of the day, it is also worth remembering that this is a chance for a quiet visit to the gym. Starting in the morning, the occupancy rate at common exercise places is much lower than in the afternoon or early evening, when most people head straight to the gym after work. What’s more, in many gyms a pass or even a single pass is cheaper until 4pm. 

Free afternoon 

Exercising first thing in the morning also gives you the opportunity to better organize the rest of the day. A gym pass at the beginning of the day allows for additional activities and entertainment in the afternoon. After a full day of work and stress, you won’t have to look extra for energy for your next duties, and you can spend this time relaxing or making spontaneous plans with friends. 

What should a morning workout look like? 

If the above advantages have convinced you to start your day with a workout, it is worth reviewing the recommended rules for morning exercise so that it is safe and effective. The first rule is to exercise on an empty stomach. Experts recommend drinking a glass of water with lemon or a small black coffee to help rouse yourself before starting an activity. Activities should last from 30 minutes to a maximum of 60 minutes at an average body load level. The most effective workouts are carried out between 6 and 8 am, as this is when the highest concentration of hormones in the body is recorded. The start of exercise should be scheduled for about 30 minutes after waking up. 

main photo: unsplash.com/Chander R

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