Exercises for the lumbar spine – how to strengthen the lumbar muscles?

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A 2019 CSO report shows that one in four Poles suffer from lower back pain. As many as 15% complain of pain in the middle section of the spine, and 16% complain of pain in the neck. Is this ailment becoming another disease of civilization? How can we help ourselves so that back pain accompanies us as rarely as possible?

What causes back pain?

Back pain affects people of all ages, genders, and all over the world. It is related to illnesses, postural defects, but above all, to our daily lifestyle.

Among the most common causes of back pain that we are able to eliminate are especially stress, improper sitting position or being overweight. All these are related to the sedentary lifestyle that our work requires of us. Very often we sit on an uncomfortable chair at work or at home (pandemic has accustomed us to working remotely) and we do not think about our posture. This is due to the high volume of work and the stress that is unfortunately inherent in any job.

After work we go shopping. Women often wear stilettos – both for everyday use and for work. Shoes with heels unfortunately have an impact on back pain. Another cause may be overweight. This is a condition that negatively affects not only the spine, but also the joints. Also improper bending down has an influence on the increase of pain. Many people bend down on straight legs when lifting even very heavy things. It is important to remember that bending over should be done by bending your knees, not by sticking your buttocks out.

Back pain is one of the common health problems of modern man.
In addition to injuries or serious illness,…

Published by Iwona Kucharska Personal Trainer Thursday, July 1, 2021

Exercises for the spine

What is the easiest way to get rid of back pain? The most effective way to relax is to massage with a roller or a small ball. It is one of the simplest exercises that involves pushing the ball or roller with your body while moving your back. What is important is that you do not massage the spine but the muscles, as the purpose of the exercise is to relax the muscles, which is worth remembering.

Cat’s back – this exercise is quite simple. It involves arching your back (as we see cats do) while in a quad position.

Cradle – lie on your back, draw your knees to your chest and stay in position with your hands on your knees. Then start massaging your lower back by rocking from side to side.

Simplified tree pose – stand steadily on the floor, join your legs together. Then join your hands and extend them high above your head so that your arms are straight at the elbows. Lengthen your spine vertebra by vertebra.

Our backs will also thank us for traditional (and less traditional) bends and twists.

When your back hurts, avoid:
– improper sitting posture;
– Wrong shoes when shopping;
– carrying heavy shopping in one hand – it is better to distribute the shopping evenly;
– sitting for long periods in one position;
– stress.

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