What to run in in cold weather?

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Summer is coming, so many people decide to take care of their figure and start running. However, we must admit that the weather this year is not spoiling us – strong winds, frequent rains and especially cold evenings discourage us from jogging after work. However, a popular saying says that there is no bad weather, only badly dressed people and there is something in it! So see how to dress for jogging in cold temperatures.

Thermal leggings

Thermal leggings are not just a choice for winter, thermal fabrics have the advantage of working a little differently depending on the temperature. It’s definitely better to sweat a little more than freeze, so don’t give up on warm leggings. If you don’t have those, warmer sweatpants will do as well. Keeping your muscles warm is extremely important during a workout, and thin pants or shorts won’t keep you warm during a break in your run.

Warm sweatshirt

When running, not only is thermal comfort important, but so is comfort. While a sports top can provide this in hot weather, running in several layers on a cold evening can be very uncomfortable. In this case, it is best to bet on warm clothes that allow freedom of movement. A XXL women’s sweatshirt is certainly a great option, giving you a full range of motion while keeping you warm on chilly evenings. In comfortable clothes jogging is much more pleasant and rewarding. Unrestrictive clothes also allow your muscles and joints to work in a healthy way. If a sweatshirt or jacket restrains the body’s natural movements in some way, the body automatically starts looking for a replacement. Replacing normal movement in the joints can lead to serious injuries and muscle and joint strains.

A rain jacket

Even rain doesn’t have to be a hindrance to running as long as you want to go for a jog. The only requirement in this situation is a good rain and windproof sports jacket. Such clothing is a guarantee that you will not get wet and cold while running. In such weather, of course, do not go for an hour training, bet on a short but intensive run. The running jacket must be comfortable and must not restrict movement, especially in the shoulder girdle. Don’t buy one that’s a perfect fit, either; take into account that you may need to add a sweatshirt or sweater to your outfit.

Sports shoes

Shoes are essential for enjoying jogging. They need to be lightweight, comfortable, breathable so they don’t chafe your feet, and have a flexible sole. Uncomfortable sports shoes are an easy way to become discouraged with jogging and quickly abandon training. It is worth investing in good shoes that will keep you comfortable and safe while running. Remember that good shoes must provide your ankles with proper support and stabilization to avoid injury. Good cushioning in the sole is necessary to protect your knees from strain. If you want to start jogging regularly, don’t skimp on running shoes because they will make you love the sport and keep you safe.

Jogging is a very enjoyable and rewarding sport. Even just 20 minutes of running causes the brain to release endorphins, the body gets the needed dose of physical activity and oxygen. As a result, thanks to running we are healthier, we feel better, and the silhouette sculpts itself. Summer jogging is just a pleasure, even in the colder days do not be discouraged, put on warm clothes and run for your health!

Good morning! There is no bad weather for running, only lack of proper attitude 😉
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