Scissors – a simple and effective exercise to strengthen abdominal muscles

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Vertical and horizontal scissors are popular exercises that effectively strengthen the abdominal muscles, allowing you to get rid of those troublesome sides. How should you perform them?

Horizontal scissors

How does the exercise of horizontal scissors look like? First, stretch out on a mat, place your arms along your torso and press your lumbar region to the floor. Then raise your legs to a small height. The lower they are, the more effective the exercise will be. Alternate the movements of your legs (one to the left and one to the right) so that they cross each other.

There is also another variation of this exercise. It consists of lying flat on the stomach, bending the hands in the elbows and putting them under the forehead. Then we make alternate movements with our legs to the right and to the left.

What is worth remembering when doing horizontal scissors? It is extremely important not to detach the lumbar spine from the ground. It must be glued to the mat at all times. Otherwise there is a possibility of getting an injury. Equally important is to perform the movement with the help of thigh muscles, which must be a few centimeters above the ground.

Horizontal scissors effectively strengthen and slenderize your thighs. Among other things, the hip and lumbar muscles work while performing them. In addition, horizontal scissors strengthen the abdominal muscles. However, for this to be possible, you need to make sure that you perform them correctly. After just a few weeks you will notice that your thigh muscles have become shapely, your abdominal muscles stronger and your posture more upright.

Today we will show you how to do horizontal scissors! ?

This exercise works:
? The rectus abdominis muscle
? The oblique muscles…

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Vertical scissors

Vertical scissors are an equally popular exercise. During their performance we engage mainly the rectus abdominis muscle. Additionally, we work internal and external oblique abdominal muscles, hip-lumbar muscle and straight thigh muscle.

As for the first of them, it is responsible for bending the trunk, lowering the chest and ribs and lifting the pelvis. In addition, this muscle strengthens the abdominal press. The external oblique muscle is responsible for bending the spine and rotating the trunk in the opposite direction. The function of the internal oblique muscle is to rotate and twist the trunk unilaterally in the same direction.

The iliolumbar muscle flexes the thighs at the hip joint and is responsible for rotation. It supports the hips and spine and stabilizes the posture. When it comes to the straight thigh muscle, on the other hand, it works on the hip and knee joint. It straightens the shins and stabilizes the knee joint. Additionally, it assists the hip and lumbar muscles.

How to perform vertical scissors step by step? First lie down on the mat and stretch your entire body. Place your hands along your torso or put them under your buttocks. Lift your legs up a few centimeters. The lower you raise them, the more intensive the exercise will be. Ideally, the distance between your legs and the floor should be about 30 centimeters. The next stage involves moving the legs up and down and alternately raising and lowering them.

How to perform the vertical scissors properly? The legs should be straight at all times, but without overstretching. Regular, calm breathing is no less important. Do not take your back off the mat while doing vertical scissors. The lumbar region should be glued to the floor all the time.

For best results, perform 3-4 series, about 20 repetitions each. Vertical scissors should be practiced 3-4 times a week. To make them a little more difficult, you can perform them with the help of weights attached around your ankles. Their weight should be gradually increased.

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