What should you do to avoid post-workout acne? Use these few tips!

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Sometimes all it takes is a little exercise for your face to be overrun by pimples. How can you prevent it? Here are 6 practical tips to make post-workout acne a thing of the past!

Every physically active person is surely aware of the fact that regular exercise has many benefits, including those related to beauty and acne. However, in some cases, exercise can be counterproductive, creating the perfect conditions for the growth of bacteria that cause pimples on the face. It usually only takes a few drops of sweat for this to happen! If you want to avoid the undesirable effects of your activity, it’s worth keeping in mind a set of simple rules that work well for both the outdoors and the gym.

1. Keep your equipment clean

We have to deal with common exercise equipment during every workout held outside the home. Even gentle wiping of such equipment removes the bacteria left behind by others, which are just waiting to get onto our skin. Remember that this advice also applies to equipment that you bring to the gym from home, such as headphones.

2. Don’t touch your face

A universal rule to remember not only during training but also on a daily basis. Bacteria present on your hands can immediately penetrate your face, resulting in a strong dose of acne.

3. Replace tight clothing with something loose 

Tight clothes, so popular at the gym, are not the best solution at all – they trap moisture right next to the skin, in effect creating a ‘perfect’ environment for acne formation. How? A type of yeast that develops in humid conditions leads to the formation of fungal acne. The condition can be so dangerous that it is often identified as bacterial acne – the result of misdiagnosis is inadequate treatment.

4. Take a shower after your workout 

Showering immediately after an intense workout should become a routine – there’s a reason why almost every gym is equipped with showers. Dermatologists encourage the use of face and body cleansers containing benzoyl peroxide, which can significantly reduce bacterial counts.

5. Wash off makeup before working out

A tip aimed at the ladies – working out in full makeup is not only not particularly comfortable, it can also leave a very negative mark on your face. During exercise, blood flow to the skin is increased, which results in open pores. And makeup can trap bacteria and sweat in those pores.

6. Consult your dermatologist

If you still have post-workout acne problems despite following the above steps, don’t be afraid to schedule an appointment with an experienced dermatologist. The specialist will surely be able to find the cause of your worries and suggest a solution. Perhaps it is professional help that will turn out to be crucial in the context of fighting eczema.

main photo: unsplash.com/Matt Moloney

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