Wasp waist – what exercises help achieve the perfect waistline?

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A modelled figure with a visible waistline is a dream of thousands of women. We tell you how to make it come true!

Can everyone have a wasp waist?

Exercise and a balanced diet are not enough. When it comes to a visible waistline, the individual predispositions of each woman play an important role. Unfortunately, not every body build allows to achieve the Wasp waist, even with the most intensive training and regular exercises aimed at this body part. Mainly women with a specific skeletal structure and somatotype cannot count on a visible waistline. Such body types are referred to as columns, peppers or goblets.

This does not mean, however, that it is not worth working on the appropriate muscle parts. The waistline may be less visible, but it will still be an attractive part of a woman’s body. The appearance of a wasp waist can be influenced by specific sets of exercises that focus on the relevant muscle areas and help burn off excess body fat.

How to get a narrow waist?

The dream of many women is a narrow waist, a wasp waist. No wonder! This feminine look of the figure catches the eye.

Not only for aesthetic reasons is important but also for health reasons.

What can you do? Here are some of the most important things that will help you achieve this goal.

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Physical activities supporting wasp waist

In addition to classic sets of exercises you can also undertake physical activities that promote building a visible waistline. One of the most effective activities that improve the appearance of the abdomen and clearly outline the shape of the waist is dancing. In this case, it does not matter a particular style or genre. What matters is working the whole body, especially the upper part. While learning to dance, work the oblique abdominal muscles moved by the movement of the hips and pelvis. It is this part of the muscles that is most responsible for the desired wasp waist.

An equally effective way to develop a visible waistline is spinning a hula-hoop or the popular plank. In addition, it is good to take care of activities which support metabolism and evenly strengthen muscles of the whole body and slenderize the figure. Swimming, cycling and running can be included in this group of workouts. It can also be helpful to build up the buttocks and increase the volume of the chest. Thanks to the development of these muscles, the waist will be optically smaller and more accentuated.


One of the most popular exercises that activate the muscles of the abdomen, thighs and spine. Scissors is performed in a semi-reclining position, and only the legs are pulled away from the mat. During the exercise, the body should be tense and the work of the abdominal muscles should be felt especially intense. The straightened legs are alternately lifted up. The movements are performed at a low height, but with full concentration and correct technique. Each series should count from ten to a dozen repetitions for one leg. The effects of regular exercise should be visible after several weeks. The scissors engage the abdominal oblique muscles, the muscles of the back, and the thighs that lift the body weight.


The starting position for this exercise is a straight posture and bend your arms at the elbows raised at chest height. From this position, begin a series of twists, or twisting jumps on the spot. Alternating twists should be performed with the hips alone, so that the upper body remains in the starting position, making minimal side-to-side movements. Proper breathing technique and maintaining abdominal muscle tone are important during the exercise. The number of repetitions should be equal for both sides of the twist.

Reaching for the heels while lying down

One of the simplest exercises to improve the appearance of the waist. To perform the exercise correctly, lie down on a mat and bend your knees hip-width apart. Without separating your shoulder blades, buttocks and hips from the ground, you should reach with your hands to your heels. After each bend, return to the starting position. This exercise works the abdominal oblique muscles and back, which improve the correct alignment of the spine. When performing the exercise, remember to do an equal number of repetitions on each side.

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