Home methods for skin regeneration in winter

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Autumn and winter is the time when we should especially take care of our skin. These seasons have a very negative effect on it, because they strongly dry it, inter alia, by low temperature. If you do not go regularly to the beautician, it is worth taking care of your skin at home.

Cleansing the skin

The basis of skin cleansing is toner, which has a very wide range of applications. It removes excess sebum and impurities, and also helps to shrink pores, eliminate imperfections and restore the skin’s natural pH. In addition, it protects it from the attacks of fungi and bacteria, and most importantly – you can make it yourself at home.

For mature skin, you can recommend a tonic made from parsley, which has a beneficial effect on reducing wrinkles. The recipe is very simple. Just pour chopped parsley in boiled and cold water, and then set it aside for 12 hours. After this time, you strain the parsley, and pour the water into a bottle. With such a concoction, the face can be wiped every morning and evening. The effects of its action will be visible after a week of use. The skin will then become more radiant, smooth, and wrinkles will be smoothed out.

For oily, combination or acne-prone skin, we recommend bay leaf tonic, which has a slightly exfoliating and cleansing effect. It is not complicated to make at home as you just need to pour hot water over three bay leaves. Remember to use it up within three days and store it in a refrigerator.

Skin oiling

Healthy skin, which will resist adverse weather conditions in autumn and winter, should be properly moisturized, lubricated and nourished. For this purpose, half a ripe and peeled avocado is used. The pulp should be crushed to a pulp, and then mixed with a tablespoon of cream. Such a mask is applied to the face for about twenty minutes, and after this time wash off with warm water. Avocado is characterized by strong nourishing and soothing properties, so the mask from avocado is great for sunburns.

If you want to intensely lubricate the skin, then it is worth making a mask from flaxseed, which will also help to rebuild its natural protective barrier. In this case, flaxseed is poured with a glass of water and boiled over low heat until the whole mass does not take the form of mush. Then the mask is set aside to cool, and then applied to the face for about twenty minutes.

Regular moisturizing of the skin

The skin, which is properly hydrated, becomes smooth and supple, as well as more resistant to the adverse effects of external factors, such as wind or low temperatures. In addition, well-moisturized skin ages much more slowly. To achieve this state, it is enough to create a homemade mask. Mixing a banana with yogurt and two tablespoons of honey gives a concoction that will moisturize the skin very well.

Banana, first of all, affects the hydration of the skin and its smoothness. Yogurt, on the other hand, is characterized by anti-inflammatory effects, honey – antibacterial, in addition, it moisturizes very well. The mask is applied to the face for about twenty minutes, after which it is washed off with lukewarm water. Regular use will make your skin perfectly moisturized, radiant and smooth.

How to take care of your skin in winter? Here are the 4 most important rules:

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Exfoliation of keratinized epidermis

The removal of dead skin is a key activity that makes the skin look younger and healthier. Moreover, this activity allows better absorption of cosmetic preparations.

An exfoliating scrub can be created from sugar mixed with two tablespoons of oil, which is necessary for the particles to move freely over the complexion. You can also use salt. It is worth adding here that salt will add smoothness and firmness to the skin thanks to its nutritional values. Salt scrubs are especially recommended for people whose skin is delicate and prone to irritation.

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