The advantages of steaming

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Healthy eating is not only a varied diet based on fruits and vegetables. Also important is the way of preparing food. One of the best is steaming.

If you want to eat meals that not only complement your workouts, but also have a positive effect on your health, you need to know what to pay attention to and what to avoid when cooking them. Nutritionists suggest that steaming is a good option for people who want to eat well. What are the advantages of steaming?

What is steaming?

Steaming is not only healthy but also simple. It consists in placing vegetables, rice or meat, for example, on a special strainer placed over boiling water. You can also use steam cookers and pots designed for this purpose. When it comes to steam cookers, this device works by pouring water into a special container. The food is placed on different levels: products that need to cook longer should be placed on the bottom. When the water reaches the right temperature, the steam penetrates into the food.

Special pots

can also be a second solution. As with a steamer, cooking is very simple and fast. Depending on what you want to cook, you need to pour the right amount of water into the pot (pots made by good manufacturers usually have marked volumes on the walls) and then insert a special strainer, on which you place the food. The whole thing is covered with a special lid. Remember to use stainless steel or glass pots for steaming (they are resistant to damage and distribute heat evenly) and to place the food over gently bubbling water.

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Start with steaming ? which has many advantages!

Published by Wednesday, 20 January 2021

The benefits of steaming

The main advantage of this way of preparing food is that steamed dishes are fat-free, and therefore easy to digest. They are also less caloric than fried foods, so they will be an excellent solution for people watching their weight. The absence of oils and other fats means that the food will not contain harmful substances that are produced when frying at high temperatures.

Steaming also means that the dishes do not lose minerals, vitamins and other valuable ingredients during thermal processing – so they are much healthier and better assimilated. This is a good option for athletes, whose diet must be rich in various ingredients, as well as families with children. Dinner prepared in steam can encourage a toddler to eat, for example, vegetables.

Another advantage is that dishes cooked this way taste and look better. Steam prevents the food from burning. In addition, the food looks and smells natural, so you do not need to add harmful additives such as salt. Instead, you can add much healthier herbs to taste, for example. Steaming also makes the food itself much juicier and more tender.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that a big advantage of steaming is saving time. The preparation itself takes a maximum of 30 minutes. If you decide to use a steamer, you will be able to prepare all the ingredients for dinner in one appliance.

You can steam, among other things
– vegetables,
– meat,
– rice,
– seafood,
– soft boiled eggs.

Preparing meals in steam is therefore a great solution for anyone who not only practices sport, but also wants to change their eating habits and take care of the quality of meals. It is worth to convince yourself to this way of cooking especially in spring and summer, when many fresh vegetables are available.

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