Massage roller – which one to choose and how to use it skillfully?

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Massage rollers, also known as rollers, are accessories that have recently become very popular. No wonder – with their help you can easily reduce painful muscle tension, improve their mobility or firm the body. What should you consider when choosing a roller and how to use it?

Division of rollers

Rollers available on store shelves may be divided on the basis of their hardness. There are the following rollers:

soft – they are used to improve circulation, accelerate regeneration after training and relax tense muscles. These rollers are suitable for gentle rolling. They can also be used to warm up before using a harder roller.

Medium – have the same function as the soft rollers described above. Their medium hardness makes them able to reach deeper areas, effectively improving blood circulation. This type of roller is suitable for both beginners and advanced users.

Hard – as their action is very intense, they are aimed at advanced people. What distinguishes them is that they reach even the deepest structures, accelerating the process of regeneration of soft structures. Rolling the body with this type of roller can be a bit painful.

Rollers are also divided according to their structure. We can choose between rollers:

smooth – they are used for rolling after a workout. They relax tense muscles, speeding up their regeneration and effectively reduce the feeling of stiffness and pain. This results in increased joint mobility and a greater range of motion. Regular use of such rollers contributes to increased hydration and flexibility of muscles and fascial tissues. Smooth rollers are extremely versatile. They work well both in sports and in rehabilitation as well as in treatment of everyday ailments.

Corrugated – they are designed for rolling before training. Rollers of this type are designed to accelerate blood circulation, stimulate muscles to work and warm up soft structures. They do very well in the fight against cellulite and removing toxins from the body.

Rolling is a fantastic form of muscle relaxation for the whole body. A brilliant suggestion at the end of every workout….

Published by Angelika Pióro – Personal Trainer & Fit Mom Tuesday, 21 January 2020

When to use a massage roller?

Massage rollers are extremely practical accessories that can be used both before and after a workout, depending on individual needs. What should the ideal pre-workout roller look like? It cannot last too long (no more than 1 minute per specific muscle part) and must be dynamic. Such rolling consists of making energetic, quick movements from attachment to attachment of a given muscle. It is recommended to do 8 lengths for each muscle group.

Crinkle rollers work best before training. You can also use a special massage ball. What about rolling after your workout? It can be much slower and last much longer. To relax tense muscles and reduce soreness, roll slowly, moving the roller piece by piece. The massage should last about 3 minutes per batch. Which is more effective, pre or post workout? It is impossible to answer this question unequivocally. Each self-massage of this type has a slightly different application.

How many times a week should I roll?

This activity should not be performed every day. The optimal frequency is every 2-3 days. How many times a day can I use a massage roller? Nothing prevents you from using it up to 3 times in one day. However, before using a massage roller it is recommended to consult a personal trainer or physiotherapist who will help you choose the right equipment and show you how to use it properly.

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