How to choose shoes for the type of physical activity?

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Playing sports involves not only choosing the right clothing, but also footwear. Regardless of what and how intensively you train, you should pay attention to choosing the right shoes. Why?

Running, fitness, zumba, trekking – each of those activities is a load for legs. Therefore, during physical activity it is extremely important to have both the correct posture and the right fitting shoes, which will prevent your feet from twisting, for example, which may result in an ankle sprain or other injury.

Running shoes

It would seem that for this sport it is enough to wear any sports shoes. Nothing could be further from the truth! Shoes dedicated to runners have much better cushioning than regular sports shoes. They are made of light, air-permeable materials, which prevent the formation of corns and abrasions.

A different type of shoe will work on a hard surface (sidewalk, treadmill), while another must be chosen for running in the woods or parks. The difference lies in the sole – in trail shoes, it should be made of rubber, with a so called aggressive tread, which makes the shoe more adhesive to the ground, e.g. when running on wet paths or uneven tracks. The front of the shoe should also be more tapered, while the sole must be thick and resistant to branches or chipping pebbles. As for the material, waterproof models are the best choice

So what shoes should you choose for running in the city? So-called mesh shoes work well in these conditions. Choose a model whose thin sole not only stabilizes your foot, but also “gives back” the force with which you hit the pavement. This is to relieve pressure on your knees and spine, which can be put under extra strain while running. Unlike trail shoes, urban shoes should be more subtle and lighter.

What about for fitness?

When choosing the right model, make sure that the shoes are soft and springy. If you have the type that is too stiff, you will experience significant discomfort while exercising. Thus, you will increase the risk of getting an injury. Fitness shoes should also have a non-slip sole that will secure the stability of your foot during quick movements. In this case, it is also advisable to choose models created from breathable materials that wick away moisture.

Footwear for trekking and fast marches

Here you can choose between high and low models. The former will work well in autumn and early spring, when you’re more likely to be trekking on boggy, muddy trails. Low shoes are much lighter and are better to choose when you plan fast and long hikes in the summer. If you are just starting your adventure with trekking, choose the high model, which gives your feet more stability.

The boots should also have a membrane, which protects against water getting into them. However, keep in mind that such models are a little less comfortable when you walk for a long time.

An important element of this type of footwear is the sole. Beginners can choose shoes with a lower sole, but regardless of your level, make sure that the bottom part of the shoe is firm enough that you won’t feel any bumps.

When it comes to fast walking, it’s a good idea to choose shoes that have a firm sole and plenty of grip. You can start by choosing ankle-high shoes, such as Palladium shoes

. For more intense workouts, choose lightweight ankle-length shoes.
Regardless of what type of physical activity you are looking for footwear for, make sure that:
– have great traction,
– Made of high quality materials,
– fit snugly around your foot,
– Laced,
– Shock absorbing.

Properly fitted shoes will not only protect your body from injury, but also make the training itself much more pleasant and effective.

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Published by Wednesday, April 1, 2020

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