How to take care of correct posture on a daily basis?

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In an age of electronics and constant staring at phone screens, an upright posture is becoming a rarity. Specialists are sounding the alarm, and we will tell you how to take care of an upright posture!

There is increasing talk of a society that sits down in front of a computer or phone. This is pictured with a man with a round back and a hunchback, tapping away at the keyboard. It doesn’t have to be that way. Take care of your back and spine now!

Problems with the spine

At the outset, it is worth noting that round back and hump are serious ailments, but they are not talked about too often. Spending several or more hours every day in such a position weakens the muscles of the back and shoulders, making them unable to maintain an upright posture for long periods of time.

A crooked back, on the other hand, is a straight path to numerous diseases and health problems. The lumbar region will very quickly let you know about yourself due to improper seating, as this causes it to be pressed by too much weight.

There are significantly more ailments related to the spine. The problem is so prominent that the round back has even gained a professional term: thoracic hyperkyphosis. 

How to take care of proper posture

Stating that someone should not hunch over is not helpful. Posture is a result of the muscles’ habits of use. A round back means that the muscles are not functioning properly. It is therefore necessary to support the body with external methods.

One of them can be the so-called spider band. This is a special brace that helps to keep the back straight, or more precisely, to get the body used to it, to develop the habit of straightening. The most common complaint against the spider band is that the muscles do not work then. This is true, so the brace should be used for 10 minutes to a maximum of 20 minutes. 

The right desk chair is another issue that is unfortunately overlooked by many. Ordinary chairs, while they may be suitable for the short term, begin to buckle when used for hours. Investing in the right equipment that is contoured for our spine is an investment not so much in comfort as in health. 

When going out on the town, it is also worth keeping this issue in mind. An upright silhouette affects the perception of us in the eyes of others. Psychologists are unanimous on this point. Try to keep your abdomen gently tight, pull your shoulders and shoulder blades together, this will help straighten your back. 

Exercises for a straight back

It is said that a round back is a problem of the childhood period. This is probably only because as adults we allow ourselves to hunch over. It’s high time to change that. Start with the following set:

  • Walking with a brush behind your back forces you to straighten your back, a few rounds a day will be a good idea.
  • Lie on your back, tighten your abdomen and lift your legs up and then slowly lower them.
  • Start doing yoga with your back and lower back in mind – this will allow your muscles to recover.
  • Also opt for stretching. 
  • Start running or swimming – this will definitely improve your body shape, swimming will strengthen your back muscles. 

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