Ways for snoring – how to effectively get rid of the annoying ailment?

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According to statistics, the problem of snoring affects about a million Poles. However, before visiting a specialist, it is worth trying a few home remedies.

What is snoring?

This popular phenomenon manifests itself as a troublesome sound emitted from the throat during sleep. The sound appears as a result of the collapse of the soft tissues of the back of the throat and insufficient airflow in the process of breathing. Usually, snoring does not herald serious health problems, but in some cases it can lead to sleep apnea. The pauses in breathing can last up to about a minute and if they repeat several times during an hour of sleep, they may indicate chronic sleep apnea syndrome, which should be treated by a specialist.

The causes of snoring can vary. The most common factors that contribute to the development of the ailment include fatigue, improper sleep position, too high blood pressure, unhealthy lifestyle, drinking alcohol, being overweight or smoking cigarettes. The problem most often affects men over 40 and women in the perimenopausal period.

Lifestyle changes

One of the main methods to reduce the intensity of snoring is to implement a healthy lifestyle. The basic idea is to reduce weight, especially in people struggling with obesity. A balanced diet tailored to the body’s normal daily caloric requirements can be helpful.

Proper food should be accompanied by exercise. Physical activity stimulates the body, stabilizes the functioning of internal systems, including the nervous, digestive and cardiovascular systems, helps burn excess calories and provides cells with the oxygen they need to function properly.

While changing your lifestyle, you should also stop or reduce the use of stimulants, especially cigarettes, alcohol and sleeping pills. Both alcohol and sleeping aids cause the throat and tongue muscles to relax, exacerbating the problem.

The right choice of pillow

The right pillow can significantly reduce the intensity of snoring and improve sleep comfort. The shape and thickness of the pillow provides better support for the head, and the neck and spine are in a better position. The pillow should not be too high, because the higher the pillow, the louder the snoring. With the head raised high, the throat and tongue are in an unnatural position and the airway automatically narrows, which can generate more powerful snoring. A good solution is to purchase a pillow that adapts to the shape of your head, the so-called anatomical pillow.

Loud snoring is also most common in people who sleep on their backs. This sleeping position causes the tongue to fall back, the mouth to open, and the nasopharyngeal canal and isthmus to narrow. Snoring should decrease when the sleep position is changed. The position on the stomach or on the side will work best.

Preparation of favorable conditions in the bedroom

In the fight against snoring, it is also important to adapt the conditions of the room to the time of sleep. The basic element is to set the right temperature, which should range from 18 to 21 degrees Celsius. The second aspect is controlling air humidity. This parameter should not exceed 60%. The correct setting of the humidity level will not dry out the mucous membrane and will reduce snoring.

Before going to bed, you should also remember to ventilate the room so as to clear the atmosphere. It is worth investing in essential oils and spraying them throughout the bedroom. The preparations decongest the airways, making breathing easier and have a calming effect. Especially lavender, melissa, mint, jasmine and citrus scents work well when it comes to fighting snoring.

Persistent snoring? ? In most cases it is not harmful to your health, but it can be a nuisance and cause…

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