4 effective hip strengthening exercises you can do at home!

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Hips are one of the most important parts of our body, very often overlooked, and almost all our posture depends on it. In this article you will learn exercises that everyone should do at least once a day.

What muscles to pay attention to?

Basically, your actions should focus on stretching and, consequently, strengthening the back and side of the hips.

Remember, however, that you should avoid overworking the fasciae, which are sensitive to injury and are located just in front of the hip joint. If you feel pain during your workout, stop the exercise immediately or you could end up injuring your knees, hips or back!

In principle, these exercises can be performed by members of either gender. The muscle groups, in general, are the same, although in men the hips are narrower. This is important because people with narrow and less flexible hips should simply perform the exercises more slowly, carefully, gradually increasing the range of action and the pace of exercise. 

Remember about the warm-up!

For this purpose, the so-called Frankenstein walk is ideal. This exercise affects the hips, quadriceps and knee tendons. It will also allow you to increase your overall range of motion. Maintain good posture, avoid bending your back at waist level, but at the same time try to gradually increase the speed of repetitions.

Stand with your arms extended in front of you, palms facing down. Moving forward, move your right leg up to straighten it, forming a 90 degree angle with your body. Then lower your right leg to the floor, swinging your left leg in an identical manner.

Continue for one minute. This exercise resembles a slow version of a popular warm-up called the “skip B”. 

Best hip exercises

Single-leg bridge

This exercise works the core, glutes and hamstrings, while stretching the hips and promoting good posture. Its undoubted advantage is to regenerate this part of the body and relieve pain if it occurs in the hip area.

Lie on your back with your knees bent.
Clasp your hands on the floor at the sides of your body.
Straighten your right leg.
Raise your hips as high as possible.
Hold this position for 30 seconds.
Do each side 2-3 times.

Threading a needle

This position stretches the buttocks and hips. At the end, you can still try tilting your legs out to the side to put them on the mat and then swing your entire torso (upper body) along with your head to the opposite side – an excellent yoga exercise. We recommend taking deep breaths while doing this. 

Lie on your back with your knees bent.

Place your right ankle on the bottom of your left thigh.
Intertwine your fingers around your thigh or shin, drawing your leg to your chest.
Hold for one minute.
Do the opposite side.

Hip Circles

This move increases flexibility and stability. For more support, use a stable object.
Stand on your right leg with your left leg lifted.
Make circles with your left leg.
Make 20 circles in each direction.
Repeat the exercise with your right leg.
To make this exercise more difficult, increase the size of the circles and do 2-3 series.

main photo: pexels.com/Cliff Booth

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