Step aerobics – what is it?

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Step aerobics is one of the sports activities offered by most fitness clubs. Thanks to instructional videos available online, you can also exercise in the comfort of your own home.

Short history of step aerobics

As you can easily guess, the cradle of this physical activity was the United States. It was there, almost thirty years ago, that Gin Miller came up with the idea of using step aerobics. Originally, the small stepper was intended to help regain full fitness in the knee after a previous injury. The side effect of the rehabilitation exercises turned out to be surprising – with each workout, not only was the knee getting fitter, but also the weight pointer stopped at smaller and smaller values.

Step aerobics – what are its benefits?

Step aerobics is, above all, a great fun and a variety of daily training. Incorporating step aerobics into your workout schedule is a great way to speed up the reduction of body fat, sculpt and strengthen leg muscles. It is worth changing the order of exercises or their types – thanks to this you can avoid monotony in your workout.

Who is recommended step aerobics?

This is an interesting proposition of training for everyone who wants to get rid of fat tissue. Training is intensive and can be hard even for very fit people. The tempo and type of exercises should be adjusted to the individual’s abilities. People who are very overweight and whose joints are overloaded should consult a doctor before beginning the training. Step aerobics is most often attended by women, but in recent years men can also be found in the fitness room.

Should I exercise in a group or alone?

Step aerobics classes can be found in many fitness clubs. They enjoy great interest, hence the large availability of training in this form. However, not everyone has the opportunity to adjust their daily schedule to the hours of classes held in a fitness club. Nothing stands in the way of practicing at home. There is no shortage of training materials from which every step lover can draw information on safe and effective training. If you want to exercise at home, you need to invest in a professional step machine. Using half-measures (e.g. boxes of different kind) is the shortest way to painful injury which may take many weeks to heal completely.

What should you consider when buying a step class for home use?

The effectiveness of exercise depends largely on the type and quality of the equipment we use. It is worth investing wisely in sports accessories. Buying all the things that are currently on promotion in a sports store is not a good solution. If you do decide to buy, then choose good quality equipment that will serve you for several years. Despite appearances, choosing the right stepper that you will be satisfied with is not a simple matter. In sports equipment stores we can come across steppers from different manufacturers. Which of the offered products will be suitable for exercise for a beginner and an advanced person?

Features of a good step machine:
– adjustable height (most often you can come across steppers with a three-stage height adjustment, which makes it easier to exercise especially for beginners),
– Anti-slip surface,
– attractive design,
– adequate cushioning,
– lightness.

Those who decide to train on their own may consult a personal trainer in order to establish a detailed exercise plan. Such consultations have another advantage – an experienced trainer will correct any mistakes in exercise technique. If you are a beginner, focus on performing exercises accurately and do not worry about the pace or the number of repetitions. It is better to do a shorter but more thorough workout. You will quickly see what effects it brings, and with time you will become proficient in the exercises.

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