Useful sports accessories for home training

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Are you thinking about buying accessories to help you exercise at home? If so, this text is for you! Below you will find a short list of things that no sport lover can do without.

Why exercise at home?

Training outside requires a strong will. Sometimes it happens that the weather is the final argument. Even the greatest enthusiast of running or cycling will resign from the planned training, when outside the window there is a raging storm, the heat is so merciless or the frost is so strong that steam freezes as soon as it comes out of the mouth. In extreme weather conditions it is worth postponing outdoor training to a more convenient time.

Probably each of us has had such a situation, that the bus did not arrive on time or the car refused to obey and in all the confusion there was not enough time to train outside. Random situations just happen – just like bad weather. Does that mean you have to give up exercising? Of course not! You can successfully train at home – you can replace running with stretching sessions, and do your strength training using dumbbells and a pull-up bar. But for this plan to work, you’ll want to have a few sports accessories on hand to make your home workout easier.

Exercise mat

An exercise mat is an absolute must-have – whether you’re warming up before a strength training session, practicing yoga, or having a stretching session, you’ll find it useful. When buying a mat, make sure it’s the right size – a different mat will work for yoga and a different one for fitness training. For added comfort, choose a mat that is soft and has a special non-slip coating.


Dumbbells and weights, even if you don’t use them every day, should be part of your sports essentials. Autumn evenings are long and the weather does not always encourage you to train outside. With dumbbells, you can exercise your muscle strength. However, remember not to exaggerate with their weight at the beginning. Training too intensively is the first step to exhaustion and painful soreness, and every physical activity is supposed to be fun!

Extension bar for pull-ups

Even before gyms and fitness clubs began to appear in Polish cities, extension bar could be found in the rooms of most growing boys. This is an ingenious tool – it takes up very little space, and with its help you can train both forearms and back. At first, training on the bar is quite difficult, but with time each pull-up comes much easier. Don’t be discouraged by setbacks – no one said the road to perfect physical form would be easy.

A set of exercise bands

This is one of the favorite exercise accessories of fitness enthusiasts. They are used both during the warm-up and in general training. What’s important, rubbers are very easy to use – you don’t need any experience with them, although of course it’s worth consulting a trainer to know how to properly perform exercises with their help. A set of several rubber bands for exercises can be bought in almost every sports store for a few dozen zlotys.

Skipping rope

Just as the bar is associated primarily with male activities (although gradually this perception is beginning to change), skipping rope was once the property of only girls. Well, maybe it was still used by professional boxers, who wanted to perform a quick warm-up. Skipping rope is always worth having at hand. Short, intensive training will allow not only to warm up many parts of your muscles, but it will also be a great test of your body’s efficiency. Only looking from the side, it may seem that training on a skipping rope is easy!

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