Simple home exercises for people without fitness

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Not all beginners want to start their adventure with sport with professional training in a gym or a hall. A few simple exercises at home will help you get in better shape and not overload your body, which is not used to exertion.

Short warm-up

Each workout should begin with a warm-up lasting several minutes, which will stimulate the body and give the muscles a signal to do their work. A good warm-up should last between 5 minutes and even 20 minutes. However, if the workout is to be at a level suitable for beginners, it is better to complete a short and non-strenuous warm-up session. To begin with, a short march in place or a gentle trot will suffice. Stretching and circular movements of the arms, legs, hips and feet can be added to this set. Also great for warming up are some jumping jacks, triceps, arm extensions, and a few squats, which can also be incorporated into the actual workout.


One of the simplest and most effective exercises you can do at home is push-ups. Not everyone is able to perform classic push-ups from the beginning, so you can choose a variant in support. In practice, this means that, in addition to the feet to the ground, the knees also adhere. In this arrangement, the body weight is evenly distributed, and only the shoulders, back and abdominal muscles work. When performing this exercise, it is important to maintain a 90-degree angle between your bent knees and hands. The hips should be pushed up and kept in a straight line with the spine throughout the exercise. As you become more physically fit, you can try performing classic push-ups and those that use alternating legs and arms.


Otherwise known as the plank, this exercise does not require good physical fitness but muscle strength. The plank exercise is commonly used among people who care about a flat stomach and slim figure. Technically it is not difficult, but requires a lot of muscle strength and endurance. At the beginning the exercise can be performed during each workout for several seconds. As your condition increases, the time will automatically increase. The plank consists of placing the whole body in a straight line and keeping it only on the feet and hands. The bent elbows should be at shoulder height, while the hips cannot touch the ground. When performed correctly, the plank brings visible results after only a few weeks of regular exercise.

It takes practice to perform this exercise correctly, but it is worth learning! Why?

? It strengthens your back muscles
And with this…

Published by Clinic of Osteopathy and Rehabilitation Wednesday, September 30, 2020


Another exercise that builds abdominal muscles and helps strengthen the upper body. Abdomens should be performed on a flat and relatively soft surface. A gym mat works well for this exercise. When lifting the body, the abdominal muscles and buttocks should be tense and the legs should be bent at the knees. To make it easier, you can join your feet together and put your hands under your head.


Exercise that improves the correct posture of the spine and strengthens leg muscles. Exercises should be performed alternately, while ensuring the correct technique. During the exercise, the back should be straight and in a straight line with the buttocks and the ground. The tricks should be performed by bending the knees to an angle of 90 degrees in both the leg that is being tripped and the one that remains behind. The knee of the leg in front should not cross the toe line.

A step is a forward step with both legs bent. ????
Trunks target not only the muscles …

Published by Nature Fitness Thursday, April 8, 2021

Leg Raises

One of the more challenging exercises on this list. The starting position involves resting your elbows on the ground and maintaining an even line between your head and buttocks. In this setup, one leg is lifted up while the other leg maintains balance and the weight of the entire body. Lifts should be performed alternately and in an equal number of repetitions. During this exercise, all muscle parts of the buttocks, back and legs work. The exercise can also be performed by lifting the straightened leg or leading it to the side. Then the oblique abdominal muscles and the pelvis are also engaged in the work.

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