Morning exercise in bed – little effort, big benefits

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Before you even wake up, you can perform it in bed. What’s more, you can even keep your eyes closed! Morning exercise can bring many benefits to your daily routine. See what exercise sets we have put together to help you take care of your health right from the start!

The role of exercise in everyday life

Physical activity is very important in human life. People who do not perform basic exercises, and at the same time lead an unhealthy lifestyle, most often suffer from overweight and obesity. Unfortunately, these diseases are also starting to affect more and more children. Especially now, when it is cold outside, we are not very eager to get out of bed. This makes our body weaned from physical activity. However, we can still take care of it by doing morning gymnastics in bed. It has a beneficial effect on us and is a great motivator to get out of bed. What are the advantages? You don’t have to get out of bed to do it, but it will give you energy and make you more eager to wake up every morning.

How do I do it? First of all, you should do the movements slowly so that you have control over them. Keep your eyes closed so that it is easier for you to listen to your body’s needs. When exercising, do not think about the day ahead. If some intrusive thoughts come up, don’t focus on them. That is meditation. After a short time, we will be able to see that this is the easiest way to fight stress. Sets of exercises have been prepared in such a way that they can be freely rotated, so you will not get bored too quickly. Each training session should last from 10 to 15 minutes.

Set for the lazy

The lazy set is a version prepared for those who simply do not want to get out of bed. There is no shortage of such people, even in our family. There is always someone who would not want to get out of bed for millions or tons of sweets. This doesn’t mean that they can’t take care of their morning gymnastics, which will stimulate them to life and allow them to win the battle against the bed and its strong grip in the future. Here is a set of exercises perfect for them:

Cat gymnastics is the first exercise that is extremely easy to do. All you have to do is stretch yourself out on all sides when you wake up. While doing so, you can silently listen to your body. For the more creative, we suggest you purr like a cat. If you feel a pleasant tingling sensation throughout your body, take three deep breaths;

Desire for balance is the second exercise, which consists of stretching your arms out to the side and simultaneously squatting your heels against your buttocks. Then translate the left knee once to the right side and once to the left side of the bed. However, before we change sides, we should count to five. A few repetitions on each side will certainly give us energy;

Energy in Japanese is exercise number three, which is to slowly sit on the bed. We should relax our arms, extend them above our head, and rub our palms together as if we were washing them. Then use your fingertips to massage the inside of your palms, and finally massage your fingers in a motion similar to sharpening a pencil in a pencil sharpener.

Set for the persistent

The set for more persistent people consists of four exercises. As many as, because for some it may be a difficult level to achieve. In this set we perform:

stretching consists of stretching in each direction immediately after waking up;

strengthening consists of lifting legs up – first alternately, then simultaneously (4 repetitions are enough);

flexibility is to draw your knees to your chest;

Stimulating is to lightly hit your back in a sitting position, aiming from the buttocks upwards.

The set for ambitious

The ambitious set contains seemingly the most difficult exercises, although their characteristics are the same as the previous groups. Among these exercises are:

– shapelybreasts – grab the wrist of your other hand with one hand, pull them tightly behind you, and then pull them as far as possible to the left and right;

flexible muscles – in this exercise, straighten your legs and then draw them towards you, bending at the knees and bringing both feet together;

strong and slender thighs – a classic fitness exercise involving lying on your side and then lifting your straight leg up and down so that it does not touch the leg that is lying on the bed

firm bottom – lie on your stomach, put your hands under your chin and do leg scissors.

All exercises are very simple and can be done lying in bed, which is their great advantage. Try them out and you will see that you have more energy in the morning!

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