Effective ways to de-stress

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Everyone knows the feeling of stress – even more so nowadays, when the pace of life is extremely fast. The relentless pursuit of success makes us put unnecessary pressure on ourselves, which in turn causes stress. And this, as we know, is very bad for our health. Fortunately, there are several methods thanks to which we can deal with it very quickly.

Doing sports

Doing sports regularly is one of the best ways to get rid of stress effectively. During physical activity endorphins, otherwise known as the happiness hormone, are released in the human body. They improve mood and act on the body like natural painkillers.

In addition, effectively decreases the level of cortisol, which is responsible, among others, for the lack of mood, bad mood, obesity and many other diseases and ailments. Physical activity also improves self-esteem, not to mention its beneficial effects on the functioning of the human body.

The art of breathing

Increasingly in the West, the topic of meditation and proper breathing, which is called conscious breathing, is being discussed. Until recently, the phenomenon has not been raised in conversation, if only for the reason that few people paid attention to how it performs a basic and necessary for life activity. Today, however, the awareness of people and constantly developing science shows that in most cases people are not able to breathe properly.

Careful breathing allows us to introduce much more oxygen into the body and refresh it. Thanks to this we can effectively relieve stress, improve memory, concentration and the ability of analytical and creative thinking.

?Ujjayi breathing is a method of breathing, which I came across several years ago and from the very beginning I liked to listen to…

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Music for stress

Relaxing music has a beneficial effect on many of the conditions our society faces. Studies show that well-chosen music can lower blood pressure, calm the mind, and reduce stress hormone levels in the blood. In some people, it can even relieve pain!

The heart beats much slower when listening to classical or relaxing music. Live music works better than music from records or compact discs.

Relaxing massage

In many stressful situations, or when we get angry, our muscles tense up and tighten. As a result, there is pressure on nerve endings. Chronic muscle tension adversely affects blood flow and nutrition to all tissues in the body. Stress is considered to be the cause of many ailments:

– back pain,
– migraines,
– psychosomatic diseases,
– high blood pressure.

One of the best methods to achieve inner peace is massage. It works by relaxing the muscles and creating energy channels. Muscle relaxation is reflected in a quieter mind, which makes us more peaceful.

Coffee with friends

There are few people in the world who can imagine a day without at least one cup of coffee. Caffeine, which is contained in it, stimulates the body and mind, thanks to which we are able to function at full speed in the morning. However, it should be remembered that its excess can also cause increased secretion of the stress hormone. Therefore, it is important to consume both tea, which contains tein, and coffee in moderation. If situations arise when we are upset or irritable for no reason, then try to limit their intake.

You can also combine two ways to de-stress and go for a small black coffee with friends or family. You can then discuss the important issues in life or the problems that are bothering us. This will take the tension off of us and we can relax and de-stress.

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