Schultz’s autogenic training as a remedy for stress

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The world is inexorably moving forward and we are constantly witnessing rapid changes. Trying to keep up with them, we expose ourselves to enormous stress and discomfort. In response to this, ways have emerged thanks to which we can relax and reduce the negative impact of stress factors surrounding us. One of these methods is the increasingly popular autogenic Schultz training.

Principles and tenets of Schultz autogenic training

With the rapid development of psychotherapy and psychotherapeutic methods in the twentieth century, workouts and exercise systems began to be constructed to help treat numerous disorders and to achieve calm and relaxation. In 1932, the psychiatrist and psychotherapist Johannes Schultz developed a course based on the techniques used in Zen meditation and yoga, without taking into account their mystical overtones.

Schultz’s autogenic training consists of 6 stages, lasting about two weeks each. Each of them enables us to get to know our own organism and to control particular processes. Schultz’s autogenic training consists mainly of imagining states, e.g. feeling warm or cold, and giving and performing commands, such as “my arms are heavy”. The exercises should be done daily, their recommended duration is 15 to 20 minutes, and in the final stages they should last half an hour.

Schultz training is one of the types of recreational training aimed at restoring balance in the body, in…

Published by Massage & Physical Therapy Thursday, January 24, 2019

Small effort, big effect

The effect of training is the ability to control processes in our body, i.e., to control the autonomic nervous system and its sub-systems – the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system is responsible for mobilizing our body. It is stimulated when we are in a threatening situation and a quick reaction, like fight or flight, is necessary. Controlling it is extremely important because one of the main factors that makes this system take over is stress. The parasympathetic nervous system is activated when we relax. It is responsible for lowering blood pressure, stimulating intestinal peristalsis, and slowing heart rate.

Thanks to Schultz’s autogenic training, we can achieve a balance that allows us to regulate the body’s work, for example by “putting to sleep” the sympathetic nervous system when the situation does not require its intervention. This training has many positive effects, which are confirmed by numerous studies:

– stress reduction,
– relaxation of the body,
– relaxation of the mind,
– alleviation of neurological problems,
– improved concentration and mood,
– reduction of headaches (chronic and migraine),
– reduction of fear and anxiety.

Autogenic Schultz training – indications

People of all ages – adults as well as children – can do this training. It is important to remember, that Schultz’s autogenic training does not cure, but is only a method supporting treatment and proper therapy. People struggling with problems such as:

– hyperthyroidism,
– angina pectoris,
– migraine headaches,
– chronic headaches,
– depression,
– sleep disorders (insomnia, nightmares in people with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD),
– concentration problems,
– sexual arousal problems in women,
– problems with self-control, stress management,
– increased feelings of fear and anxiety,
– high blood pressure,
– neuroses,
– coronary artery disease,
– Raynaud’s disease.

Schultz Autogenic Training – contraindications

It is extremely important to know the factors through which training can cause more harm than benefit, such as:

– autism,
– taking psychotropic medication,
– emotional overstimulation,
– infections with fever,
– psychotronic illnesses.

Training for everyone

Schultz autogenic training is a relaxation method that requires no special knowledge, equipment or money. All you need to do is find a comfortable, quiet place to relax, and within twelve weeks you will achieve the peace and control of your body that you desire.

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