Neurogenesis – learn about ways to regenerate your brain!

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The human brain is an amazing and unique device that not only works constantly at high speed, but it can also efficiently regenerate itself, including by creating new neurons. In turn, these are formed every day in thousands.

Neuronal activity

Research has shown that it is in the hippocampus – the center for the production of emotions – that new neurons are created. The conclusion the researchers came to was that new neurons are a prerequisite for humans to acquire information and remember it, to learn.

Further studies have shown that when the hippocampus is unable to produce new neurons, long-term memory is impaired. This situation can be illustrated by the example of a phone number that we remember only for a moment, dial it, and then it flies out of our minds.


So as you can see – the brain needs regeneration, during which the formation of new neurons occurs in order to function efficiently, learn and develop. The process of making these new dots, which then connect, resulting in neural connections, is called neurogenesis. This means that our brain is extremely flexible and even despite inadequate functioning, it is able to regenerate and return to its previous state and even improve its performance.

This is easy to imagine with the example of addictions, especially those that affect the brain through the senses (such as hearing and sight). If we stop contact with unhealthy “drugs”, our brain will return to its former state after some time

Ways of regeneration

In order to give the brain a chance to rest and regenerate (and remember that your brain is probably the hardest-working computer in the cosmos), you need to create the right conditions for it.

Physical exercise

Walking, running, swimming, cycling, skateboarding, etc. – Any form of activity is good. The main purpose of exercise is to adequately oxygenate our brain, because the physical activity of our body (precisely because of the oxygen supplied then) is closely related to the discussed neurogenesis

More oxygenated blood reaches the bloodstream, and this, among other things, increases the production of endorphins, the famous “hormones of happiness”, which are responsible for reducing stress levels. Reducing stress and anxiety levels is also fundamental for the regeneration of neurons in the brain.


Physical activities also include passionate sex. But that’s not all – sex relaxes the body, induces a pleasant flow of dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin, which assist in the process of neurogenesis.

Intellectual activity

Another type of activity that helps create new neurons and connections between them is that of intellectual exertion. Of course, as in the case above, we’re talking about pleasant fatigue, not days of heavy academic work. Reading 50-100 pages of a book, learning new vocabulary, playing chess, or even putting together a complex puzzle or writing or meditating can lead to an improvement in our brain health.

A healthy diet

It is not a well-known fact that diet has a positive effect on the body. But that the brain? It turns out that as much as possible. A diet rich in saturated fats is a natural and healthy doping for our neurons. Especially good here is a low-calorie diet, varied, full of vegetables, fruits, etc. It can include, for example, dark chocolate, honey, oatmeal, nuts, etc

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