Kisiel and its health benefits

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Kisiel is a popular dessert that not only tastes good, but additionally supports the proper functioning of the body. What is it and why is it worth including in your diet?

The composition of kisiel

Kisiel as a low-calorie snack is a great way to provide the body with essential vitamins and nutritional micronutrients. The main ingredient of kisiel is fruit. Most often they are chosen seasonally, thanks to which this dessert will never become boring. As in the case of fruit cocktails or smoothies, for the preparation of kisielle favorite fruits are used, and to improve the flavor matching spices or herbs.

Thus apples can be combined with blood sugar regulating cinnamon, citrus with basil, and strawberries or raspberries with invigorating mint. Potato flour or gelatin rich in collagen strengthening joints and smoothing the skin is used to thicken the fruit. Depending on individual preferences, kisiel can be sweetened with honey, a bit of sugar or xylitol. There are also instant kisiels available on the market, which need to be poured over hot water, however their composition has little in common with healthy nutrients.

Fruits in jelly

The nutritional effect of the snack is primarily dependent on the fruits used in the preparation of kisel. Specific products provide the body with various minerals and vitamins. For example: strawberries are a rich source of potassium and magnesium, which speed up metabolism, have an antioxidant effect, strengthen the natural bacterial flora, and also help reduce urinary complaints.

Popular fruits used in kisielce also include raspberries, which reduce diarrhea, have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, and provide the body with vitamins A, B, C, and E. In the production of kisieliel are also great:

– cleansing the body of harmful substances blueberries,
– cherries, which lower the level of bad cholesterol,
– diuretic apples,
– blueberries regulating blood sugar,
– blackcurrants which regenerate tired organism,
– kiwi, which is a good source of folic acid.

Kisiel is best prepared from fresh fruit, but frozen fruits, fruit pulps or ready-made mousses, which do not contain sugar or artificial emulsifiers, will do just as well.

Healthy additives

In addition to fruit, potato flour is used in the production of kisielle to thicken the fruit mousse. Starch is a plant product rich in carbohydrates and provides the body with large amounts of energy. Thanks to the small amount contained in the kisiel, starch does not have a negative impact on health

and does not significantly raise blood glucose levels.

As an addition to kisieliel you can add products that sweeten its taste. The best choice is honey, the properties of which kill harmful bacteria, relieve inflammation and provide the body with vitamins, folic acid, biotin, magnesium and potassium. You can also obtain a sweeter taste of kisieliel by adding healthy cane sugar, xylitol or stevia – unprocessed products, which in a natural way add sweetness to dishes without harming your health


Why is it worth eating kisiel?

A balanced diet should include products rich in many nutrients and vitamins. One of such meals during the day can be kisiel, which replenishes minerals lost during physical activity

, gives energy and cleanses the body of harmful substances. Kisiel can be eaten as a snack or dessert, but also as an easily digestible breakfast or dinner. Thanks to its low calorific content (approx. 50-70 kcal per 100 g), jelly does not affect the formation of fat tissue or impair the proper functioning of the body.

Properly prepared kisiel from good and fresh products is a great snack not only for adults, but also children. Instant products available in stores do not have beneficial composition for health, so they should not be present too often in the menu of people who care about maintaining weight and proper nutrition of the body.

☕ Why is it important to eat kissel?

– It is easy to digest
– Low in calories
– Satisfies cravings for sweets – you can make it in…

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