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How do you match diet to physical activity?

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Some things only have a beneficial effect on you if they go hand in hand with others. A perfect example of this is healthy eating and playing sports. Regardless of whether you want to achieve the right weight or keep your whole body fit in this way – you cannot forget about one or the other. So how to choose the right diet according to the type and level of physical activity?

The more you exercise, the more you burn

Many people who do not have a diet professionally matched to their lifestyle, and set it on their own, forget about how easy it is to take too few essential ingredients. For example: to get the right amount of daily protein requirements, a healthy, moderately active person should multiply their weight by nine hundredths. However, the ratios are different for people who participate in speed sports, endurance sports or are trying to lose weight. That’s why it’s important not to follow general guidelines, but to think carefully about what kind of training you’re planning and what amounts of nutrients you’ll need.

Don’t forget about supplements

Many people starting their adventure with healthy nutrition can be intimidated by the amount of necessary calculations, tables and knowledge regarding how some ingredients affect others. It’s no wonder that at first you may not be able to fully take care of the variety in your diet and make sure you get all the nutrients you need.

This is why supplements are so important – not only when it comes to minerals or vitamins, but also all kinds of supplements such as protein supplements or the very popular pre-workout (which you can buy for example at These are great helpers for situations where you are unable to arrange your daily schedule so that your workout falls at a time when you are rested or can rest freely afterwards – a pre-workout will give you more energy when you exercise!

Individual predispositions

When planning your diet, don’t forget that your body is different from your friend’s, so what works for her may not necessarily work for you. This is especially important in situations when you want to quickly achieve your dream figure, because someone else managed to do it using exactly the same set of exercises and meals.

What distinguishes you from others is your metabolism, water level in your body, points of vulnerability (that is places where fat accumulates the fastest in you, and weaker muscle parts which are particularly difficult to develop), but even such things as how far your workplace is from your home, so even if you choose to cycle or walk to it, you may cover a shorter distance than someone else! Depending on your own deficiencies, you may also have a higher need for iron or potassium, for example.

Get enough fluids

It’s not just food that is important in your diet. Beverages have an equally important impact. Give up all sugar-sweetened artificial drinks, especially carbonated ones – you don’t need them, they only do you harm. Also, don’t forget that alcohol is just empty calories, so include it in your diet. By eating the healthiest diet and drinking alcohol you can forget about the results that otherwise persistent training would bring.

Remember to drink plenty of water – especially now that the heat is on (despite appearances, the amount is not universal, but depends on your weight and lifestyle!). Coffee and tea dehydrate the body, but drinking only water will flush it of potassium, for example. A great solution is a juice detox of various kinds. This is also ideal if you want to quickly remove the effects of a bad diet, cleanse your body of toxins and provide it with a vitamin boost.

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