Can you eat your favorite foods and lose weight?

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Most of us associate dieting with unpleasant sacrifices and the need to give up favourite treats, such as pizza or chocolate. But it doesn’t have to be that way! You can easily “slim down” your favorite foods if you follow these tips. They will be much healthier and lower in calories, without losing their great taste.

Fit breakfasts

One of the most popular fit breakfasts is oatmeal. It is a very healthy choice. It is rich in both protein and amino acids. What is more, it satisfies hunger for a long time. Oatmeal is very quick to prepare, which makes it ideal for all busy people. How to effectively reduce the number of calories contained in it? It is enough to give up additions, such as jam or peanut butter. These ingredients make oatmeal a calorie bomb. How should it be prepared by people who dream of a slim and shapely figure? Oatmeal is best prepared on the basis of water or milk with low fat content. Plant milk, for example, works very well here, 100 g of which has only 45 calories. A good alternative to jam can be fresh fruit with low sugar content, such as blueberries, strawberries or raspberries.

What about for savoury breakfast lovers? If you like to start your day with fried eggs, you may be tempted to replace them with the ones in T-shirts. The former have more than 130 calories, the latter – less than a hundred. Instead of white bread, it is worth reaching for rye or graham bread. A good alternative to bacon can be, for example, a salad made on the basis of your favorite seasonal vegetables.

Proven ways for a healthy dinner

A favorite dinner for many people is a pork chop coated in egg and batter. Unfortunately, although it is very tasty, it is not the healthiest one. One portion contains as many as 400 calories. Instead of pork chop, it is worth reaching for grilled chicken or turkey. Fans of deep-fried French fries can successfully replace them with oven-baked vegetables such as yam, parsley or peppers. A perfect complement to them will be a sauce prepared on the basis of yoghurt with addition of favourite spices.

It may seem that salad is the healthiest possible dinner. But as it turns out – not necessarily. The popular Caesar salad, which can be found on the menu of most restaurants, contains more than 400 calories. How is it possible? All because of the fried chicken, bacon, Parmesan cheese, croutons, dressing made on the basis of olive oil and mayonnaise, which is a part of this delicacy. How to effectively “slim down” such a salad and reduce the amount of calories it contains? It is very simple! Just roast the chicken in the oven, omit the bacon, roast the croutons in the oven and prepare the dressing using Greek yogurt. Cherry tomatoes can be a good addition to this salad.

A very popular dinner dish are various types of pasta. Unfortunately, by adding fried meat, cheese and fatty sauce based on cream, we make this meal a real calorie bomb. Some dishes of this type can contain up to 1000 calories. How to prepare a slightly healthier and no less tasty version of pasta? Its classic, light version can be replaced by a wholemeal one. An interesting alternative to wheat pasta can be vegetable pasta, made for example with carrots or gluten-free, which contains far fewer calories. Grilled vegetables such as eggplant or peppers and grilled meat can be used as side dishes.


More and more stores have vegetable pasta in their offer. They are most often made from plants …

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Patents for a low-calorie, tasty dinner

After a long day of work, a large part of us does not have time or desire to cook and reaches for ready-made solutions, such as pizza. Unfortunately, it’s not the healthiest solution. How to “slim down” it effectively? Italian delicacy is best prepared on the bottom made of wholemeal flour.

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