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Dietary supplements as a way to deal with autumn weakness?

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Of all the four seasons, autumn seems to be the most ambiguous. However, one thing is undeniable – in the last quarter of the year it is very easy to catch a cold. In addition to a balanced diet and exercise, it is the supplements that can help you survive the capricious weather conditions.

Autumn, like any season, has not only bright sides. For some, there is nothing more beautiful than a walk in the fresh air among the colorful leaves and chestnuts that slowly begin to leave the treetops. Others, on the other hand, will always complain about the changing temperatures, the increasingly common cold, or the reduced amount of sunlight. Skeptics, however, are quite right, because it is these factors that contribute most to a significant decrease in the body’s immunity, which leads to drowsiness, bad mood or various types of colds. Sound familiar?

In the context of staying in good health we most often talk about a properly selected menu. However, during colder months the access to some vitamins or other necessary components may be limited. A diet alone may not be enough, and that is when supplements come to the rescue. Which of them is the best to reach for in order to avoid the undesirable effects of a changing climate?

If you want to survive the autumn slump, it’s certainly worth making friends with natural dietary supplements. It is a spice with numerous therapeutic properties, such as stimulation of brain function, or fighting stomach ailments. In addition, it has an anti-cancer effect. Various extracts can also prove invaluable at the end of the year: rosehip extract, rich in vitamin C, an energy boost in the form of ashwagandha extract, or finally jiaogulan extract, the Chinese “herb of longevity”.

Still in October you can also buy vitamins, which fortunately are not lacking in the Polish market. Our immunity is taken care of not only by the aforementioned vitamin C. Some of them are equally important in terms of maintaining good mood. In autumn there is a lack of sunlight, which is the primary source of vitamin D3. As a result, more than 80 percent of people living in Poland do not necessarily consciously suffer from its deficiency during this period, the effects of which include a collective decrease in energy and sleepiness. If we do not want to succumb to the gloomy mood of autumn evenings, vitamin D is an absolutely necessary addition to the daily menu. It is also worth reaching for vitamin B, which will not only provide us with new supplies of energy, but also strengthen general immunity and support the functioning of the immune system.

First of all, we should supplement components supplied to the body in too small quantities. Undoubtedly, these include Omega 3 acids, whose main dietary sources are fish and seafood. Statistics do not lie – the average Pole eats too little of them, which especially at the turn of autumn and winter contributes to a decrease in immunity and worsening mood. In addition to strengthening the body, Omega fatty acids will also provide us with improved concentration and support brain function. A good natural source of Omega 3s are the seeds of the chia plant, native to Mexico and Guatemala, whose name meant “strength” in the ancient Mayan language.

So there are plenty of ways to supplement with ingredients that will help us cope with autumn weakness. However, it is worth to approach the subject with a head and get acquainted in detail with the action of given “supplements” before starting to use them. It is best to get them from a reliable source – this will give us confidence that the product purchased is natural and of high quality. Do not forget that relying only on supplementation will not bring the desired results, and it is only an addition to a balanced diet and regular exercise.

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