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How to stay in shape on vacation? Anna Lewandowska knows best!

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Long and sunny days are circumstances which are definitely conducive to undertaking various activities. Additional motivation can be used for such activities as practicing sports or starting a new adventure with healthy eating. Anna Lewandowska noticed it and shared a few valuable tips on her blog. How to make the best use of the remaining days of summer?

In the context of leading a healthy lifestyle, the holiday season has its good sides, as well as slightly worse. Beautiful weather undoubtedly encourages various forms of physical activity outdoors, and more free time gives plenty of opportunities when it comes to kitchen conquests and trying out new fit recipes. At the same time summer brings with it all kinds of temptations that can thwart our ambitious plans. How to deal with them? Here is what top Polish fitness trainer Anna Lewandowska has to say about it.

1. Everything is for people, but in moderation!

Even the best-looking vacation would definitely not be the same without trying new tastes – including those not necessarily belonging to the healthy food category. But let’s try to keep everything in reasonable moderation and put a portion of vegetables with each meal. At the same time Lewandowska warns to avoid deep-fried dishes as much as possible. In other respects we have a free hand – just do not overdo it!

2. Regular meals and water – the key to success

A principle known to all enthusiasts of fit nutrition – smaller portions spread at appropriate intervals throughout the day. Increasing the number of meals from three to five will not only help us maintain a slim figure, but also allow us to try a greater number of more or less exotic flavours. We also can not forget about proper hydration – at least 2 liters of water a day), and in warm countries the daily dose of life-giving liquid should be even more impressive. Thanks to following this simple advice, we will have a positive effect on our metabolism and enjoy a great mood throughout the vacation.

3. Desserts and alcohol? Wine instead of drinks!

With sweets, it’s very simple: A smaller portion of cake combined with fresh fruit is a perfectly acceptable alternative. It is even better if fruit completely replaces sweets, but on the other hand – when to allow yourself a few deviations from the diet, if not on vacation? When it comes to the consumption of alcoholic beverages, Lewandowska advises to replace sweet drinks with an ordinary glass of wine. Then we will take in fewer calories, while the taste will remain at a similar level.

4. Opt for active rest!

Of course we go on vacation with relaxation and recuperation in mind after many months of hard work. This does not mean, however, that we should completely give up exercising on all days off. Especially when we remember that physical activity is also a form of relaxation, and the sun is shining outside from the very morning! A bike trip, swimming, short jogging or even a simple walk are relaxing activities that will certainly have a positive impact on our mood and allow our minds to have a solid rest before returning to reality.

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Published by Anna Lewandowska Friday, 16 July 2021

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