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How do I monitor the effectiveness of my training?

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The key to staying motivated for regular workouts is to keep track of your performance and break more and more records. Various gadgets can help you keep track of how your workouts are going and what condition your body is in. See what you should have to monitor the effectiveness of your workouts!

Sports armband

This is the most popular gadget among athletes. The sports armband allows you to keep track of your body’s condition during exercise and the results of individual workouts Sports watch it has a built-in heart rate monitor, pedometer and stopwatch, some models beep or vibrate to alert you to hydrate regularly during training. This is a great gadget for any sports maniac. Such a watch also allows you to track the time and phases of sleep, which helps to estimate the time needed for the body to recover after an intense workout. Some wristbands can also be configured with a smartphone application, so you can count your results from both the wristband and your phone, and thus even more accurately track the effectiveness of your workouts.

Smartwatch sport

An equally popular gadget, not only among activity-crazed people anymore, are smartwatches. These watches in addition to functions similar to those of sports bands, they have built-in ability to send and receive calls, control Bluetooth devices and even receive e-mails Women’s smartwatch a smartwatch can be a very elegant addition to your styling and does not have to look like a sports gadget at all. In addition, smartwatches, like sports wristbands, can connect to and work with apps on your phone to create the most reliable picture of your daily activity.

Circumference measurements – better than weighing

If your goal during training is to change your appearance or sculpt your figure, it is not the scale, but a mirror and a centimeter are the best indicators of the effectiveness of your efforts. The scale shows very shaky and not very reliable results. The number you see on the scale may depend on the amount of water in your body, the moment of the day or even the week, and the amount of muscle, which is much heavier than fat. So if you’re going to go solely by the results on the scale, having a slimmer, more athletic physique, you may weigh more than you did before you started exercising because fat is being replaced by muscle. This is why a much better and more reliable way to track the effectiveness of your workouts is to download measurements from different parts of your body from time to time.

Health is the most important thing!

Regular physical activity is very healthy and good for the whole body. However, frequent and extremely intense workouts can be exhausting for the body. Although they can be effective and give you a slimmer or more muscular figure, your body can suffer serious consequences. If you exercise a lot and enjoy grueling workouts, be sure to eat a healthy and balanced diet and get regular checkups. Keeping track of your blood test results is just as important as monitoring your performance at the gym. Remember that without health, you won’t achieve anything good, and illness or injury may force you to stop exercising.

Sports are a healthy and extremely rewarding passion. It is a way to take care of your well-being, health and self-esteem. Thanks to exercise, the body is able to function properly. However, it is worth maintaining moderation even in training, according to the proverb: what’s too much is not enough. Monitor your progress, remember to stay hydrated, and eat a balanced and rich diet. Do not neglect the needs of your body, and then it will allow you to achieve the best possible results.

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