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Hand care in autumn and winter

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Autumn and winter are seasons that are certainly not good for our health. Changing air temperature, strong wind, rain or finally severe frost combined with snow – that is how the time between October and March can be described in short. Therefore, according to the principles of wellness, it is worth taking care of our hands, which are particularly susceptible to capricious atmospheric factors.

Hands are one of the most poorly protected body parts. Their skin – not only extremely thin – is almost completely devoid of sebaceous glands. Due to this small failing of mother nature, they are exposed to many dangers. One potential danger is UV rays. So the whole process of weakening of the hands begins already in the summer, while they are constantly exposed to the sun. After the holiday season comes autumn, and with it the cold air, which only irritates dry and cracked skin. That is why it is recommended to properly care for hands, which, after all, play such an important role in our lives.

How to recognize that the skin calls for rescue? It is not difficult, because the symptoms are usually visible at first glance. Hand skin begins to gray and lose its original color, excessive peeling, or simply cracking. Visual changes are often accompanied by other symptoms – pain and burning.

In addition to the already mentioned sun rays, unfavorable to the condition of our hands affects also (so common in the era of pandemics) continuous washing hands. The use of disinfectant liquids destroys the natural protective layer, and this is a ready recipe for dry and cracked skin. The first step to prevent this, of course, is adequate hydration. For this purpose, it is worth going to the nearest pharmacy and ask about the availability of Alantandermoline – a protective cream with vitamins A and E. The former provides the skin with elasticity, while the latter is responsible for regulating the process of dead skin removal. This will not only reduce the effects of frequent contact of hands with water, but also protect them from various external factors in the form of cold wind or frost, which are an inseparable part of autumn and winter reality.

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Another way to give your skin “new life” is to use exfoliating treatments. At the beginning you can reach for a typical home-made scrub, such as scrub or enzymatic peeling. They will effectively exfoliate the skin on your hands and remove the horny layer, which will have a positive impact on the action of applied creams. If this is not enough, there remains a visit to the cosmetology salon.

Of course, our efforts will be of no use if we forget about a few simple rules. Gloves should always be worn when doing household chores such as washing or hand washing to avoid the harmful effects of chemicals. And don’t leave them out in cold weather either – as you know, cold weather and healthy hands don’t go hand in hand. For washing your hands it is worth choosing organic products, i.e. those that do not contain parabens and SLS damaging the lipid layer.

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