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Proven ways to catch a cold. Is it possible to avoid it?

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Winter is a difficult time for our body. The heating season has started, buses are crowded with sneezing people, and on top of that there are large temperature differences. So this is the time when it is easy to catch a cold. How to protect yourself against it?

Frequent hand washing can protect against infection

In recent months, a lot has been said about frequent and thorough hand washing. This is all due to the coronavirus pandemic. And while hand washing seems obvious, a small percentage of people do it thoroughly, if at all. A study by Michigan researchers shows that proper hand hygiene can reduce the risk of getting a cold by up to 20 percent.

Feeling worse? Stay home

The mentality of many Poles is that even when sick, they go to work. Whether it’s just a mild cold or accompanied by a high fever and muscle pain. Acting this way, we not only infect others, but we can also worsen our own health. There is no need to play the hero. It is better to stay at home for one or two days with a cup of tea under the blanket and help our body to fight the infection than to act to its detriment. It is worth taking vitamin C during this period and if our condition worsens we should reach for analgesics or antipyretics.

Deal with allergies

Allergy is often confused with a cold. It promotes the development of various diseases. A red and blocked nose is an ideal condition for a runny nose, which can then develop into a cold or even the flu. It is therefore very important to react as quickly as possible to allergic symptoms. Antihistamines should be taken during this period to reduce the frequency of sneezing and thus minimize the risk of catching an infection.

Adequate indoor air humidity

Months in which it is necessary to heat the apartment are a real nightmare for our body. Heated air at this time is dry and irritating, and dust, mites and bacteria can move much more easily and cause a cold or catarrh. Moreover, by making our mucous membranes dry, we become even more susceptible to all kinds of infections. Therefore, it is worth investing in a proper air humidifier at this time, which will guarantee indoor humidity in the correct range of about 60 percent. We should also not forget about opening windows regularly to improve air circulation.

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Supplement vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency is standard in our society. It is estimated that as many as 9 out of 10 people in Poland suffer from vitamin D deficiency. This is associated with increased susceptibility to infections and viral attacks. Researchers from around the world claim that in addition to vitamin C, vitamin D is also necessary because it has a huge impact on the body’s immunity. Unfortunately, in our climate our body produces vitamin D only in the period from March to September. In the remaining months you should support yourself with dietary supplements.

Appropriate clothing

Are the buses so hot that you feel shivers when you are outside? No wonder, because the high temperature difference can manifest itself in just this way. It is important to be properly prepared for such situations. Proper clothing is essential during the winter months, so dress in your onions. The point is to dress in layers. In this way, we will avoid the consequences associated with high temperature differences.

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