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What are the effects of regular physical activity?

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Since childhood, everyone knows that “sport is health”, “in a healthy body, a healthy spirit” and so on. But what exactly is healthy about physical activity? After all, sport is associated with injuries, joint diseases and muscle strain, right? Yes, everything in excess begins to be harmful – even water, which does not mean that we should not drink it. Find out how regular physical activity can benefit your body.

Healthy body and healthy mind

Regular exercise has huge health benefits for the body. It doesn’t have to be half a day of weight lifting at all, just 45 minutes of walking a day is enough to notice a difference in your mood. Lack of time is just an excuse, after all, you don’t have to spend every spare moment at the gym. Start by walking to work three times a week. Your body will immediately signal to you that it likes it! Physical activity lowers blood sugar and cholesterol levels, as well as reduces the risk of certain cancers and extends life by several years. If scientists came up with a drug that provides the same benefits as sports, people would spend millions on it, whereas we have all this for free, and at our fingertips.

Active lifestyle also has a beneficial effect on the psyche. Did you know that during physical exertion our body rewards you by releasing so called happy hormones? Serotonin, oxytocin and dopamine are substances which are released to the brain during physical effort, giving you a feeling of happiness and carefreeness. Endorphins also give you satisfaction from your workout, and your brain, hungry for just these substances, encourages you to repeat the exercise. Of course, depressive moods will not be cured by an hour of jogging, but a slight autumn blues will be easier to overcome with the help of physical activity.

Improving your fitness and performance

Lack of fitness is the bane of modern people. Sedentary lifestyle, lack of time and motivation make you breathless when you climb the stairs on the third floor. Poor fitness has a negative impact on your private and romantic life. A high level of physical fitness is needed, among other things, during intercourse with your partner, and fast-onset fatigue can prematurely end the amorous rapture. In the case of difficulties in bed, doctors naturally recommend remedies such as viagra or kamagra as a temporary aid to treat the cause of the problem. In addition to medications, the most important recommendation of specialists is to change lifestyle and eating habits. It is the introduction of physical activity and a healthy diet into everyday life that brings the best results. Greater efficiency of the body also gives more satisfaction from training and makes us more eager to exercise when we see the results.

Transformation of the silhouette

It’s time to point out the obvious – exercise changes your silhouette. If you are overweight or obese, physical activity will help you lose weight and feel better in your body. Of course, the desire to develop a perfect figure should not be the only reason why you start taking care of your body, but it is a very effective impulse that pushes many people to decide to change their lives. Losing weight should be treated as a nice side effect of undertaking physical activity, not its most important goal.

Spring is the time of year when it is easiest for us to find motivation for action. Use this time and start changing your daily habits to enjoy a long and healthy life. Put on your comfortable shoes today and go for your first jog.

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