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Should everyone use a sauna?

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Sauna usually brings to mind positive associations. Indeed, staying in this pro-health place in normal circumstances certainly brings a lot of benefits. Sometimes, however, a visit to the sauna can also be harmful, so it is worth knowing when it is better to avoid it.

The type of sauna is very important when it comes to the target group. Currently there are four types. The safest for a beginner is definitely a steam sauna, also known as a Roman bath. The temperature inside is usually 45-65°C, and high humidity (about 40-65%, and even slightly higher) significantly facilitates breathing. Dry sauna (so-called. Finnish) is already a place addressed more to connoisseurs of sauning, as evidenced by the best numbers – a temperature ranging from 90-110 ° C with low humidity of 5-10%. For people with oily skin is recommended to visit the wet sauna, which with a temperature of 75-90 ° C and humidity 20-35% will help, among other things, to combat seborrhea.

You can list numerous advantages of dry sauna 😉 First of all, its action brings great benefits for people struggling with …

Published by Wednesday, 22 January 2020

The offer for lovers of modern technology cannot be omitted, of course. In the infrared sauna, although we will experience the temperature at a level of only 50°C, but thanks to the rays constantly acting on the skin during our stay, it will turn out to be no less effective than the others. What is important, it can be successfully used both by children and the elderly, who in turn should not visit the dry, steam or wet sauna.

Despite the visible differences in temperature and humidity, all these types have a common feature – a positive impact on health. Stay in any sauna will improve the work of the circulatory system, strengthen the heart, as well as positively affect the overall immunity of our body. It can also be invaluable for those who after an exhausting day want to experience a moment of relaxation and tranquility. In addition, accelerate metabolism – during a single session in a dry or infrared sauna, you can sweat up to 300 calories! Roman bath, however, will be ideal for athletes. Not only will provide the necessary energy, but also improve efficiency, which will allow you to achieve better results. It can also be helpful for those who are struggling with acne – in this case you should contact a specialist beforehand. Infrared sauna, on the other hand, is designed primarily for people struggling with ailments such as back pain, disc disease or post-traumatic conditions of the musculoskeletal system. As you can see there is a lot to choose from and everyone will find something for themselves.

However, the line between pro-health and harmful effects of sauna is very thin. Remember not to use it during a cold. High temperature will contribute to the death of pathogenic bacteria and viruses, but the resulting weakening of the body can be disastrous in the consequences. Regular attendance at the sauna is only to prevent all kinds of infections, not their treatment. Visits to places with such a substantial temperature is also advised against those suffering from cardiovascular problems. It is believed that only infrared sauna is safe for them, although for complete certainty it is worth seeking knowledge from an experienced doctor. As with any other health problems: diabetes, infectious diseases, epilepsy, cancer, kidney ailments, liver, lung or eye infections.

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