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How should athletes take care of their mental state?

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A popular saying goes: in a healthy body, a healthy spirit. However, the issue of mental health is not as simple as it may seem. Psychology is an extremely complicated but also fascinating field of science that helps us to function in a proper way. Keeping your mind and psyche in good condition is the key to performing well in sports. Therefore, it is worth taking care of your mental state just as much as your physical state. How to do it? We suggest!

Choose a sport according to your personality

If you love being with people, cooperation with others drives you and you recharge your batteries thanks to the energy you get from the people around you, you are probably an extrovert. People with extrovert traits are very energetic, don’t mind being the center of attention, and even enjoy it. If you can describe yourself as a rambunctious, social optimist, you will find yourself best in team sports, especially those that require a lot of movement. Soccer, basketball or field field hockey might be in your element. This is because extroverts have an easy way of working together, solving problems quickly and looking for the positive. With these qualities, team members strive for victory and don’t lose motivation until the final moments of the game.

The introvert, on the other hand, is much better at individual sports. This is a person who is characterized by a much more analytical and careful behavior. They have a very deeply developed inner world in which they experience a large part of their actions. Introverts base their decision making on their own beliefs and values, making it very difficult for them to work together in a large group. This characteristic makes individual sports such as athletics, cycling, tennis or gymnastics likely to prove to be an introvert’s pet peeve. Introverts often value close contact with nature, which is why they also choose horseback riding.

Body health is the key to happiness

An injury or illness that prevents an athlete from playing the sport they love can lead to depression, depressed states and depression proper. Regular checkups and taking care of your body can help you avoid mental illnesses caused by poor health, A disease that can affect you as an athlete is tetany. It comes in both overt and latent forms and is a serious neurological disease that can be treated very effectively. If you notice symptoms such as tingling sensations spreading from your fingers to your whole body, frequent muscle tension and cramps or headaches and dizziness, impaired vision, memory and concentration, and decreased strength in your muscles, a neurologist can help you.

Seeing a specialist is often associated with stress for many people, but a neurological exam is nothing to be afraid of….

Published by Thursday, August 2, 2018

Neurological examination and quick diagnosis allows for effective treatment of tetany and return to health and form. Any other illnesses or injuries that make training difficult should also try to be treated as soon as possible. Although you cannot cure depression by running, you can get it by taking a long break from physical activity. This is because sport releases endorphins, such as serotonin, oxytocin and dopamine, which the brain somehow becomes addicted to. Their deficiency can lead to diseases.

Sport is health and without a doubt it is worth practicing. However, do not forget that mental health is just as important as body health. Therefore, take care of your mind as well as your physical form and do not neglect the signals that your brain sends you.

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