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Five alternatives to yoga you should know about

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Regular practice of yoga brings a lot of benefits – slim figure and incomparably better mood are just the beginning of the list of advantages, which is impressive in its length. However, it happens that after some time it starts to bore us, so we start looking for other activities. Which of them have most in common with yoga?

Recently yoga has definitely gained popularity among women of all ages – it’s a great first step towards making significant changes in your life. Every exercise enthusiast knows that physical activity often proves to be the key to success in many fields. In everything we do, variety is as important as regularity and yoga is no exception. However, it is worth getting acquainted with exercises that can serve as an interesting alternative.

Pilates is an excellent substitute. This comprehensive training will not only provide a completely new experience, but will also engage literally all muscles (especially of the back and abdomen). Inspired by elements of yoga, strength training and ballet, this system of physical exercises aims primarily at increasing awareness of your own body, as well as strengthening its central part. It is an ideal choice for those who have a sedentary lifestyle – with regular exercises you can get rid of many spine ailments. In addition, Pilates provides a much-needed moment of calm and relaxation, during which the problems of everyday life leave the background.

Another popular alternative to yoga is bodyart, which was created only a few years ago. It allows, among other things, to achieve both mental and physical balance, constant development of strength, or increasing flexibility. Bodyart is primarily focused on combining training with relaxation, making it a great option for those who feel the need to regain awareness of their own body. Sound familiar? Pilates and bodyart have a lot in common. A slimmer silhouette is just an addition to the peace of mind and new perspective on one’s own abilities gained through exercise.

Acrobatics is probably the closest substitute to classic yoga when it comes to the effects. It will make our body limber and flexible, but at the same time during the exercises we will avoid monotony and static, which are an inherent part of yoga. In addition, acrobatics guarantees an incredible development in terms of motor skills. Performing flips, jumps on a trampoline and a wide range of other figures will be an invaluable introduction to the practice of any sport.

If you decide that the existing alternatives are not for you, you may want to turn your attention to ballet or contemporary dance. The former will strengthen your mid-foot, improve your posture and give your movements an incredible fluidity. Although ballet figures are not easy and, especially at the beginning, can cause many difficulties, their maintenance teaches great self-discipline, as well as increases concentration during everyday activities. Those who are not fond of rigid rules present in ballet, however, will find great results in contemporary dance. It combines techniques and steps of various dance styles and is devoid of any specific rules when it comes to positioning the dancer’s body, thanks to which it can also be considered as good fun. Contemporary dance will have an invaluable influence on both our silhouette and self-confidence.

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