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Snacking is not a sin! Healthy snacks for active people

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How to effectively take care of your figure? In addition to regular physical activity, you should also implement a healthy, balanced diet. One of its elements are various kinds of low-calorie, tasty snacks.

The best snacks for physically active people

Vegetableswith dip – vegetables are an indispensable part of a healthy menu. They contain a number of vitamins and minerals. Vegetables are not only healthy but also tasty. How to prepare a healthy snack based on them in just a few moments? Just cut vegetables into posts and serve them accompanied by homemade dip based on Greek yogurt with a few cloves of garlic. Hummus, a chickpea-based paste, is an equally healthy addition to vegetables. What vegetables to choose? We can reach for celery, carrot or yam, serving them raw or as French fries. Just put the vegetables in the oven for 15-20 minutes and sprinkle with your favorite spices.

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Today I invite you to make raw vegetable chips with your choice of two dips. I cut the vegetables into an appetizing grid and served them with two distinct thick sauces: mustard and thyme and tomato with chilli. Such a meal is super filling, gives a lot of energy and at the same time is light and not heavy on the stomach. Half an hour after eating you can go for a workout! ?? I sliced the vegetables with a wavy grater @bornerpolska, turning them 90 degrees to get a grid. . . #vegetables #raw #runner diet #borner #rawfood #healthy #healthyeating #healthy #diet #vegetables #raw #rawdiet #runnersdiet #healthyeating #healthyrecipe #plantdiet #veganfood #yummy #omnomnom #foodporn #delicious

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Dried beef – this is a great snack for anyone with an active lifestyle. Not only does it provide a range of nutrients, but it is also extremely tasty. A serving of dried beef contains on average as much as 40% protein and is free of artificial colors, phosphates and glutamates. You can buy this delicacy in health food stores or prepare it yourself from high quality meat with a marinade based on Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, pepper, garlic and honey.

Cocktail based on fruits and vegetables – how to effectively give yourself energy during the day? Instead of reaching for a carbonated energy drink or another cup of coffee, it is worth preparing a healthy, tasty, filling fruit and vegetable-based cocktail, which will also satisfy hunger for a few hours. The advantages of such a drink include also the high content of fiber, which in a positive way affects the metabolic processes that take place in our body. To prepare a smoothie you can use bananas, apples, pears, kiwi, mango, avocado, spinach, kale, beets and celery, among others.

The minimum amount of fruits and vegetables is 5 servings per day, most of which should be vegetables.

The recommended daily…

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Nuts – nuts are an inseparable element of a balanced diet, because they are a source of valuable fats. Nuts are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which lower the level of bad cholesterol and raise the fraction of good one. They also prevent cardiovascular diseases. In addition, unsaturated fatty acids contained in peanuts and nuts support the functioning of the nervous system, strengthen the immune system, are one of the building blocks of cell membranes and carry vitamins A, D, E and K. Nuts are also rich in protein, carbohydrates, fiber, folic acid, amino acids, antioxidants, magnesium, calcium, copper, phosphorus, iron, zinc, potassium and selenium. Walnuts, hazelnuts and Brazil nuts are the healthiest. They can be eaten solo or with natural yogurt. Their optimal amount is 1 handful a day.

Dried fruit – is another healthy, quick and low-calorie snack ideal for active people. Why is it worth reaching for them? Dried fruits contain a large amount of fibre, vitamins A and C, potassium and copper. The most popular treats of this type include dried plums, dates, apricots, figs and cranberries. Dried fruits are an excellent substitute for sweets. They taste great as an addition to yogurt, smoothies, breakfast cereals or oatmeal.

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