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Rich in fat diet – learn about its rules!

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A diet rich in fiber (also called a high-fiber diet) is based on the consumption of products containing a significant amount of fiber. This type of diet is suitable for people who suffer from constipation, as well as those who dream of a slim figure. What are the main principles of the rich-belly diet?

A rich-belly diet and its key principles

A rich-cereal diet contains high amounts of plant saccharides that are not digested by the human digestive tract. In addition to fiber, this category includes pectin, gums, hemicelluloses, and lignins. A diet of this type each day provides about 50-70 grams of the substances listed above.

What are the main principles of a diet rich in carbohydrates? When composing it, one should reach mainly for products that contain dietary fiber. These include dark bread, coarse groats, brown rice, raw fruits and vegetables, legumes, oatmeal, wheat bran, and dried prunes. Pasta, groats and vegetables should be cooked semi-hard here. This is due to the cooking process, which causes the loss of a large amount of valuable nutrients.

Rich in carbohydrates diet assumes also elimination of high-fat products. Forbidden here are, among others, fried and baked dishes. Only once in a while you can allow yourself a small amount of low-fat products, such as one slice of cheese.

Another rule of thumb for a low-fat diet is the complete elimination of sugar, sweets and highly processed foods which are not only high in calories but also contain no leftover ingredients.

While on a diet rich in fat, it is not recommended to drink strong teas. The best substitute for them are herbal infusions, which positively affect the digestive process.

Recommended and prohibited products on a rich-barley diet

Productsrecommended on a rich-bread diet are: wholemeal, rye, crispbread, bran and mixed breads, low-grain rye and wheat flour, millet, buckwheat and barley groats, oatmeal, milk, kefir and low-fat yogurt, white cheese from skim milk, egg whites, lean meats, lean fish (cod, pike-perch, pike-perch, redfish, tench and bream), fruits and vegetables and products made with them, such as juices, salads, soups and sauces, peanut and soybean oil, cereal coffee, weak tea and herbal infusions.


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Carbohydrates are organic compounds made of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, called…

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The products forbidden in a rich carbohydrate diet are wheat, potato and corn flour, white rice, semolina and corn groats, white bread, fatty milk, cheese and cream, animal fats, fatty meats and cold cuts, offal, pâté, venison, duck, goose, fatty fish, sweets, strong tea, coffee, cocoa and alcoholic beverages.

When is it a good idea to go on a high-fat diet, and when is it better to skip it?

When is it a good idea to go on a LDL diet? It works very well for patients who suffer from diseases and disorders such as diabetes, hemorrhoids, gallstones or constipation. This type of diet is also recommended for people with lipid metabolism disorders and those who care about regulating blood glucose levels. Nothing stands in the way of switching to a diet rich in carbohydrates in order to lose weight.

We already know what are the indications for such a menu. And in what cases should it be abandoned? It will not work for people suffering from peptic ulcer disease, irritable bowel syndrome, Chohn’s disease, osteoporosis, anemia and those with mineral and protein deficiencies. It is also not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

A diet rich in fiber – that is, one in which the intake of dietary fiber is increased. ?⚕️?⚕️?⚕️
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