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Who can benefit from EMS?

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EMS has become very popular in recent times. Many places are constantly springing up that offer this type of workout. Read on to find out why it is so popular.

What is EMS training?

Simply put, it is a combination of physical activity and electrical muscle stimulation. During EMS training, exercises are performed using a special device. This is a method that is used by many athletes and physiotherapists. Such training techniques are offered by EMS studios, which are a modern alternative to gyms. People who work there are well versed in this subject. They help to conduct individual training in a safe and effective manner. Electro-stimulation is also used as a treatment that firms the skin and helps get rid of cellulite

Such exercises allow you to stimulate many muscle parts at once, so they quickly bring visible results. The level of difficulty can be set according to your level, goal and age. As you progress, the workout becomes more challenging so your fitness improves. The type of workout can also be adjusted to your needs. For example you can choose between motivational, dynamic or relaxed

For whom are these exercises suitable?

It is a great exercise for people who do not have much time to exercise, for example because of work. This is because such physical activity cannot be too long and frequent. It can then bring negative effects. So, it is not necessary to do it every day, it is even discouraged. It is enough to spend 30 minutes twice a week. Time for recovery and rest is acceptable. EMS is intended only for adults. However, both women and men can perform it. There are no contraindications based on gender. If you go to a special place with experienced trainers, they will tell you if this activity is for you

You should not train EMS if you have a pacemaker. Another contraindication is pregnancy and cancer. It is also an ideal activity for those who need to lose weight quickly. This is because electrical impulses allow you to speed up your metabolism. Because of this, it is valued by people who want to improve the appearance of their figure. It is a brilliant option for those who want to try new and interesting exercises. This method is also used as rehabilitation for patients after injuries and trauma. Many people have noticed a reduction in back pain, as the strain on the spine is relieved during such physical activity.

Benefits that EMS brings

There are many benefits to exercising withEMS. We have already written about some of them before, but in addition it is worth collecting the advantages in one place. Such training, first of all, causes the loss of body fat. In addition, it builds muscle mass, which is why it is so valued by many athletes. Very often it is for them a complement to professional training. These exercises are also extremely popular among ladies because they have numerous cosmetic applications. They increase skin elasticity and have an anti-cellulite effect. They allow even beginners to start physical activity. Many people thanks to EMS have achieved a truly spectacular metamorphosis, which visibly changed their silhouette. It is worth mentioning that these exercises reduce bothersome back pain that hinders everyday functioning. Another big advantage is that the risk of injury is significantly reduced. It is significantly less than with traditional training

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