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Spiked massage balls – a convenient way to relax muscles

Rubber massage balls are a cheap and good investment that will both relax your muscles and relax your mind. Here are the reasons why you should equip yourself with one.

Most of these balls are available in fitness clubs, gyms or for purchase in a sporting goods store (including online) for a few to a dozen zlotys. This small investment can definitely pay off in health. Below we explain why and what exercises are worth doing.

What gives you a spiked ball?

Before you start exercising, you should make sure you have the right ball. If you are yet to purchase one, all the better. Choose one that has short spikes, but its surface is very soft. Most often it is just made of rubber. Such balls are used in Pilates. 

Their main function is to relax muscle and fascial points. We roll it over different parts of the body, tighten and loosen the grip in different places. The movement of the ball and the intensity of the pressure can be adjusted according to the needs that our body itself communicates to us. The points mentioned belong to a complex structure of muscle and connective tissue (fascia) connections that is present throughout the body. 

Such stimulation can positively influence, among other things, the improvement of circulation, allows us to increase awareness of our own body, sense possible injuries, “break up” muscles, get rid of spasm, reduce muscle tension in general, is an excellent rehabilitation tool, etc. 

As a consequence of exercising with a ball, our muscles definitely relax. This, in turn, leads to freer movement, minimization of pain, etc., resulting in a definite improvement in well-being. Besides, it is an excellent way to relax and unwind after a hard day.

How to exercise with the ball?

There are several ways to use a spiked ball. The most common is to put it under the part of the body you want to relax, and then make forward and backward movements. This is when the ball works best. For example, we can put it under the thigh and move the limb from side to side, or under the back (such as the lumbar region) and roll the ball with them.

Another popular method is to simply press the ball on the muscle in question with your hand. However, this is not the most effective application. Physiotherapists are strong advocates of the first method. Grasping in the hand actually makes it more difficult to use the ball. Such a method would be better when using an ordinary ball.

main photo: Parmanov

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