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Gelatin – a natural remedy for joints, hair and nails

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Gelatin is an extremely popular and easily accessible product that has a number of amazing health-promoting properties. In its composition one can find, among others, numerous amino acids. What is the use of gelatin for hair, joints and nails? And where does it come from?

Where does gelatin come from?

Gelatin is a classic product of animal origin. It is made from collagen, which is obtained from animal bones, cartilage, tendons, horns and hooves. Further steps in the formation of gelatin include filtration and the process of thickening the substance. Its main component is protein, in addition, it is extremely rich in numerous amino acids.

Health and medicinal properties of gelatin

Gelatin is very often used to treat various diseases and ailments that affect joints, hair and nails. This product nourishes the hair, strengthens it and makes it not break so often. Under its influence, nails regenerate and their plates are strengthened.

Gelatin also has properties that support weight loss, improves intestinal peristalsis and gives a feeling of satiety, which reduces appetite. This product also has a beneficial effect on the joints, which are subject to tremendous strain on a daily basis, and their cartilage requires collagen to work properly. This means that gelatin rebuilds and strengthens connective tissue. In the circle of athletes and bodybuilders, it is used not only prophylactically, but also as a remedy for injuries and trauma, and a protein substitute.

What are the benefits of using gelatin for joints?

Gelatin is very popular among athletes and the elderly, who are most vulnerable to joint injuries and trauma. With its regular intake, the condition of the connective tissue, which is responsible for the proper lubrication of the joint cartilage during work, is significantly improved. If there is not enough collagen, it will start to wear out, which will cause inflammation and pain.

Gelatin supports and strengthens muscles and bones. To top it off, it can be taken in different doses and forms. The best option is to drink a drink that consists of three teaspoons of gelatin and about one hundred milliliters of water. In this form it is absorbed the fastest.

Use of gelatin for hair

Gelatin, thanks to its health properties, is also used in cosmetology, and more specifically in hair salons. Thanks to it, hair becomes more resistant to falling out, its condition improves and brittleness is significantly reduced. Hair after the application of gelatin is much softer to the touch and gains an amazing shine. The recipe for a homemade preparation consists of one tablespoon of gelatin, one tablespoon of hair conditioner and three tablespoons of hot water. Once the gelatin dissolves in the water, the conditioner is added to it. The concoction is then applied to the hair.

Gelatin for nails – does it work?

Gelatin affects the strength, condition and nice appearance of nails. Its use helps with their splitting and brittleness. In case of the above-mentioned problems, it is recommended to dip fingers in a solution with gelatin. Its preparation is extremely simple. Just dissolve one tablespoon of gelatin in water. It is important that the water is hot. Then, after cooling the concoction, you soak your fingers in it for about fifteen minutes. This should be repeated for two weeks at three-day intervals.

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As you can see, gelatin has a number of uses and is extremely beneficial to the health and functioning of the human body. It is a very good supplement for collagen deficiency in joints, thanks to which people who take it suffer from rheumatoid disorders much less frequently.

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