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How to speed up the fat burning process? Learn about proven patents!

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The effects of systematic training can be enhanced by additional activities and techniques. Here are the most effective suggestions to help accelerate fat burning!

Correct diet

Training sessions should be supported by a specially prepared nutrition system. The most effective will be a diet adapted to the individual needs of the body. The number of calories burned during exercise can be supplemented with energy from everyday food and additional supplements. During intensive training, the body loses a lot of nutrients necessary for the proper functioning of the body, which can be replenished with the help of diet. Products that promote weight loss and speed up metabolism, including hot spices (ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, cayenne bell pepper, chili peppers), nuts, vitamin C or apple cider vinegar, can also be helpful in the fat burning process.


One technique to speed up the fat burning process is to take advantage of the body’s natural way of functioning during and after a workout. During intense exercise, the heart beats faster, blood pressure increases, and heat is generated in the body. The effects of thermogenesis can be increased by keeping the body’s temperature high, such as with extra physical activity, visiting a sauna, eating a spicy meal, or eating protein. The body must use more energy digesting protein, especially animal protein, and thus burn more calories.

? NEAT (eng. Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) – non-exercise activity, thermogenesis.

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Interval training

A properly prepared workout session can accelerate fat burning. One of the most effective ways is to use interval training. The versatile technique will work for any physical activity, so it can be used by an athlete of any fitness level. Interval exercises should be included in up to 3 training sessions per week. Thanks to the intense effort and increased intensity the body loses more energy and burns calories faster. Properly selected exercises allow for a comprehensive workout that will reduce body fat while not destroying the muscle tissue that is being built.

Dietary supplements

The process of burning fat tissue can also be accelerated by properly selected dietary supplements. The use of suitable preparations should be consulted with a dietician or a specialist who will choose the safest means. Among the supplements whose effects accelerate the fat burning process is CLA, or conjugated linoleic acid. The compound increases the production of proteins that are involved in the breakdown and burning of fat in the body.

Additionally, studies on the CLA agent have shown that the formula helps cleanse the body of harmful substances and reduces the appearance of cellulite. Another supplement that can be used to support fat burning is HCA, or garcinia cambogia extract. This product protects muscles from burning while inhibiting the conversion of dietary carbohydrates into fat and building new body fat.

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CLA is a very popular dietary supplement which helps to increase the body’s…

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