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Fit sweets, or how to combine business with pleasure

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It’s been said that sweets of all kinds – so beloved by people of all ages – don’t necessarily go hand in hand with healthy eating. However, it turns out that there is a proven way to undermine this claim and combine both aspects. Fit sweets, as they are called, are becoming increasingly popular, also among many influencers who cannot imagine a day without them!

Fit snacks and sweets are a great alternative to traditional and definitely more calorific counterparts. Despite appearances, they are really widely available. We can find them in most grocery stores, but the real delight for our palate will be homemade baked goods. To make our sweets really healthy and low calorie, just stick to a few very simple rules.

At the beginning we should forget about using white sugar. Probably, this will not be a problem of great importance, since it can be replaced by a number of other sweeteners, among which are xylitol, erythritol, or even honey. Another common ingredient to part with is wheat flour – it’s worth replacing it with the much healthier oat flour. This is the phenomenon of our own fit sweets and snacks, that we personally control their composition, so we can ensure that they are both tasty and healthy.

The enthusiasts of kitchen conquests now have a wide range of possibilities – in fact, you can prepare anything you want. Various kinds of diet bars or chocolates, as well as low-calorie cakes, cookies and even ice-cream will work perfectly. It is worth ensuring that our dessert is accompanied by fresh fruit, which, apart from its various health-promoting properties, will give it a unique flavour!

Weekend fit snack 🙂

Fit sweetness – is it only about calories?

When making fit sweets, we use substitutes,…

Published by Nutritionist Małgorzata Wąsiewicz Saturday, 3 October 2020

For those who can no longer part with their favorite sweets we also have good news – going on a diet does not have to mean a cruel sentence. Healthy eating means, after all, a constant search for alternatives, and fit sweets are certainly one of the most pleasant ones. Influencers on Instagram have also become convinced, with their increasingly sophisticated and tasty ways to make healthy sweets. Here are some valuable accounts from which you can get a handful of inspiration.

1. @healthymaryanne

2. @domaszzzzz

3. @naturalsweet

4. @mrfit_trainer

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